When you think of superheroes, you namely think of their abilities, right? Superman is stronger than any man and can fly! Thor is a Nordic God who wields a magical hammer. Green Lantern uses a magic ring to help him create whatever he wants. You get the point. But what about those characters that aren’t granted super-powered abilities? There are a few who had to buy their way into superhero (or super villain) status with their crazy amounts of money. We want to highlight six of those who used cold hard cash to do good (or bad) in the DC and Marvel universes.

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor has had a versatile career throughout comics. He was a scientist, a businessman, even the President of the United States at one point. He’s become one of the big bads of the DC Universe and a consistent enemy of Superman. And you don’t earn that status as a mortal man by being really good at dodging Superman’s punches. No, Luthor has a lot of wealth which gives him the ability to influence politicians, build weapons of mass destruction, heck even build suits that withstand a beating from Superman. Those things don’t come cheap and our friend Lex knows how to spend his money.

Iron Man

While Tony Stark spent most of his comic career as a B-List character, his money was always there. The businessman has created companies and tech that garner lots of money. So much so that he was able to create his own suit and become a hero. As his career continued, so did his money and tech upgrades. He’s been able to create suits that can go toe to toe with Hulk and become a leader of The Avengers. He’s a celebrity with a net worth to match. See what we’re talking about by checking out more celebrity net worths on The Squander

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen started his career as a Robin Hood and Batman inspired hero. And with that, he had to have the money to back it up. While at some points in his career he’s lost all of his money, he’s been able to build up his fortune with his own business. Those Arrow-cave updates aren’t gonna fund themselves! You almost forget that he comes from wealth, given that he’s a hero that uses a bow and arrows, but he’s one of the richest.

Black Panther

While T’Challa is granted super-human like abilities with his mantle of Black Panther, he sits on the wealthiest nation in the world. With Wakanda as the only source of vibranium, he controls trillions of dollars in wealth. Trillions! Making him the wealthiest hero we know of. Lucky for the rest of the world, he’s used his abilities for saving the world. Even letting other heroes use vibranium.


Bruce Wayne may be the first hero you think of when it comes to rich, human heroes. He uses his inheritance and continued earnings from Wayne Enterprises to finance his superhero career. As his career has gone on, so has his wealth and tech. Like many of the others on this list. But with incredible intelligence and wealth, he’s been able to help other heroes with bases – such as Justice League’s Watchtower, a spaces tation that’s the first line of defense against otherworldly beings. Let’s just say the man has money.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Victor Von Doom is an evil man with so much money. The monarch of Latveria, he clashes with much of the Marvel universe, though he butts heads with the Fantastic Four the most. He has genius-level intellect, giving him the ability to create his famous armor. And with that armor comes a lot of high-tech weapons and gadgets. How do you have access to those wepaons? Money, of course! Doom may have learned sorcery, but it’s money that keeps him active in the super villain department.

Those are just some of the rich superheroes in the DC and Marvel universe. Who do you like the best?