Every year there are more and more interesting games online that deserve the highest user ratings. Here’s a list of the best online games for 2018. The list has games from different genres that all earned high user ratings. If you have trouble choosing what to play because you can’t focus on your crazy chemistry assignment or other homework then pick one of the following games and enjoy your time.

What games to play?
1. Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a multiplayer fantasy-style client game that takes you into the world of unforgettable adventures and dangerous challenges. Going into the game you have to choose a character: human, elf, half-orc, half-elf, dwarf, trifling, halfling or drow. Thanks to an advanced editor, you have the right to create a unique character completely different from other players. Once this is done, the time will come to choose a class. This is a very important point as your future depends on this choice. At the moment there are 6 unique classes in the game: a fearless warrior, a guardian warrior, a master wizard, a true cleric, a hunter-ranger, a rogue-dodger. All of them, of course, differ in unique abilities, characteristics and additional bonuses to certain skills.

2. Stormfall: Age of War

The creators of Stormfall: Age of War did a great job on their product. The game was very diverse, including many areas. Here we need to wage military operations that are usual for such a genre, attract allies to our side, replenish resources and constantly construct buildings and fortifications.

The action takes place in the time of the knightly era, and the player acts as the leader of the state. It is quite natural that in order to successfully complete the game you need to solve many current problems. Any one action inevitably leads to the need for another. For example, increasing your land, it is necessary also increase defense. The main focus is on working “hands” that constantly need housing, food, etc. In general, things will be enough, and you will not be able to relax during the game!

3. Fortnite

There is so much happening at Epic Games today that it’s easy to get confused. Some time ago, the authors of Gears of War and Bullet storm announced that they were moving away from single epic projects in the direction of games services and announced the concept Fortnite, which was then similar to Left4Dead in the open world. The main face of Epic Games Cliff Blezhinsky suddenly released Law Breakers – and it turned out to be a game from another studio, and the main project of the “head” company suddenly became the same Fortnite – released this summer, but only in pre-release beta formats.

The last thing you expect from the Epic Games studio is games with cartoon graphics. But Fortnite is just that. It’s not bad either – it looks great, the blue zombies and violet-jelly rays of a plasma gun are more like Plants vs. Zombies than a game like Gears of War. However, if we look beyond what we’re used to and look at the world of Fortninte, we can only be impressed by the creators who managed to create a unique concept of a global apocalypse, in which the pink thunderstorm rages all the time, and the world is flooded with strange zombie mutants. After all, this also allows Fortnite’s world to be stuffed with any weapon and all kinds of buildings, without fear of some mythical “canon.” In short, being in Fortnite and just looking around is extremely nice – there are some beta issues that they promise to fix.

4. World of Tanks

World of Tanks is one of the most popular online games on the Internet today. It is entirely devoted to tanks of different countries, times and classes created by mankind during the twentieth century. Players have the opportunity to fight together with other players, arranging amazing tank battles, proving their superiority in tactics, skill, and accuracy.

The development system is just great. It allows you to explore all the cars presented in the game. And the number will amaze even the pickiest player.

5. Warframe

Warframe is a unique multiplayer client game in the genre of a cooperative shooter, which takes place in a mysterious sci-fi setting. Not common in this genre, a third-person view, an explosive mixture of combat robots, mutants, space ninjas and elements of techno-magic – will provide an exciting pastime for fans of different game settings. It’s also fun to pass numerous tests on your own or as part of a cohesive (or not) team. Game actions are not limited to the banal “crush” of all encountered monsters – to complete challenging missions; you need to “brainstorm” with the whole team – only in this way will it be possible to solve challenging game puzzles.

The action of the storyline unfolds in the distant cosmic expanses, where, under the blows of ruthless enemies, the race of Tenno is put on the brink of survival. It is precisely this race that the players are called on to help. Representatives of the Tenno people were able to detect and learn how to effectively use the technology of ancient exoskeletons – Warframe, which allowed them to survive and not break under the onslaught of countless aggressors.

6. War Thunder

War Thunder – a unique game in which you will find a variety of armored vehicles, ships, and aircraft of the Second World War. The primary responsibility of the developers was to preserve historical accuracy, therefore, you’re playing in locations based on real terrain. In addition, you will hear the real sounds of these locations and will certainly appreciate the detail that went into combat technology. On top of that, project managers paid special attention to breakdowns, so don’t be surprised if you get a hole in the tank or get into the engine. In this case, you will have to eject or try to make it to the base, but in most cases, all players prefer to fight to the last.

At the very beginning only a couple of places will be available, so in order to open the rest, you will have to go into battle. Fighting you will earn special points for which you can purchase new equipment.