Capcom‘s Resident Evil may be known for its terrifying enemies, mass amounts of zombies and extremely well-thought-out boss battles. But it is also known for kick-ass playable female characters. These horror queens aren’t afraid to take matters into their own hands or take the fight directly to the source. I mean, in a world where Raccoon City, Umbrella and zombies exist, they really need a strong backbone to survive. We can’t wait to see more strong playable female characters for us to love as the franchise grows! So here are six of our favorite horror queens who lead the way within the Resident Evil franchise.

DISCLAIMER: This post most definitely contains spoilers for multiple games within the Resident Evil franchise. You’ve been warned.

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Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield first appeared in Resident Evil 2 as a playable character. She may have initially been known as Chris Redfield’s younger sister, but she has expanded far past that over the years. She is tough as nails and during the events in Raccoon City, she repeatedly proved that she could hold her own. Using what she learned there, she decided to follow a life of activism where she fought for human rights and against companies like Umbrella. Claire is a tough girl who survived being hunted down by a Tyrant, being kidnapped and just an ungodly amount of zombies.

Claire Redfield protecting Sherry Birkin in Resident Evil 2.

Ada Wong

Ada Wong is a queen spy who pops up in Resident Evil 2 to help Leon as he navigates through Raccoon City. Ada may not always be on the side of the good. Honestly, she is always out to save her own skin, but she is always willing to help. Throughout the series, she has gone against her own clients if she feels that their ultimate goal would hurt her in the long run. She is extremely skilled in all forms of combat and a wiz with technology. Let’s hope if you ever cross paths with her, she feels a bit generous and decides to help you.

Ada Wong pointing her gun at Leon in Resident Evil 2.

Rebecca Chambers

We first meet Rebecca Chambers in Resident Evil 1, but we really get to know her during Resident Evil 0, where she is the main playable character. She was the medic on the STARS team tasked with exploring the events happening in the woods outside of Raccoon City and finding the zombie-filled mansion. Rebecca is more than just skilled with a medkit. She was a child prodigy and graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at 18! When STARS went under, Rebecca decided to use her skills to teach students.

Rebecca Chambers in Resident Evil Revelations 3.

Sheva Alomar

Sheva first makes an appearance in Resident Evil 5. She was born in a town where most people, including her relatives, worked at an Umbrella plant. She eventually left there and moved to America, where she joined BSAA to fight against Bioterrorism. During a parasitic outbreak in Africa, she worked alongside Chris Redfield. She is a versatile fighter with extensive experience in firearms and hand-to-hand combat. Sheva uses her small frame and flexibility to move into hard-to-reach places. She continues to work for the BSAA West African branch we hope to see her within the franchise again.

Sheva reloading her gun in Resident Evil 5.

Sherry Birkin

We first meet Sherry as a child during the events of Resident Evil 2, where she meets Claire. One would think those events would terrify her, but Sherry came out even stronger. When she was old enough, she became a federal agent with the Division of Security Operations, where she investigated and combated bioterrorism. But life just doesn’t want to be easy for her. She was kidnapped while on a mission to locate and retrieve Jake Muller, the son of Dr. Wesker. But she doesn’t let that keep her down and continued to fight her way through. Sherry is one horror queen you can’t keep down.

Sherry and Jake in Resident Evil 6.

Jill Valentine

My horror queen and by far favorite Resident Evil lady has to be Jill Valentine. She first appears in Resident Evil 1, where she fights her way through an entire mansion full of zombies looking to tear her apart. She later appears in Resident Evil 3, where she single-handedly faces off against Nemesis repeatedly to escape Raccoon City. But she doesn’t stop there! Jill is a staple in the Resident Evil franchise, joining BSAA to fight against Bioterrorism, hunting down every last bit of Umbrella and even fighting to get back into action after being kidnapped and manipulated by Wesker.

Jill looking in the mirror in Resident Evil 2.

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This article was originally published on March 8, 2021.

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