Playing casino games has become very popular recently thanks to the development of online gambling. When many people find it incredibly exciting and fun, for others, this entertainment is still associated with too many ghosts.

However, even if you hesitate about playing in online casinos, you still can have fun with friends at home. Card games have been there for centuries, entertaining people at their get-togethers and parties. Moreover, they even have a positive effect on people’s cognitive function, strategic planning, and critical thinking skills.

Yet, the question is what game to choose to have the best gaming experience ever. In this article, we will talk about the 6 most popular and fun card games that you can play both at home with friends or in casinos.


Hearts as a card game has been heavily popularized by Microsoft that included it in a default package for Windows. We bet that you’ve played this game at least once in your life.

Yet, Hearts has been a very popular card game for quite a long time now. A game similar to this one was played in France in the 1600s and was called Reversis. The winner is the person with the lowest score. Thus, everyone from 3 or 4 players tries to get rid of their cards as fast as possible. The player who reaches 100 points first is the loser.


Another favorite game of all Windows users is Solitaire. The game is amazing since it can be played all by yourself. All you need is a deck of cards. The main idea is to create rows from the biggest card (the king) to the lowest (the ace). Whenever the row is completed makes you closer to winning.

Since the game is okay to play alone, many people find a distraction in it. Sometimes, it gets really tough to win, especially if you make several consequent mistakes. Cell Solitaire tests your planning skills and attention.


If you have a deck of cards, Eights or Crazy Eights is one of the best card games you should try playing with your friends. The game can be played between 7 people maximum but having only two people is best.

The main idea of the game is to earn as many points as possible. Eights are wild, and they can be played anytime regardless of the suit or rank. You use them as jokers to get to 100 points as soon as possible. The player who scores it first is the winner.


Poker is one of the most popular online casino games for real money. There is a ton of information available on this game online, making it one of the best-known and most played in the world. It has been there for centuries, with new versions taking over the classic ones.

Poker is played using special poker cards at home, too. Then, many people prefer to avoid betting for something of value. In the casino, Poker is always played for real money. This game is fun, and it promises high winnings to both newbies and pros. With a little bit of luck, critical thinking, and strategy planning, you can indeed win big.


Palace is one of the easy card games to play. Basically, the idea is to get rid of the cards as soon as possible. The game can be played between 6 people max.

The game is mostly about luck since it is hard to foresee what card will come nest from the pile. Yet, it is important not to make a mistake with a three-card hand that every player has.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to build a strategy. There are situations when somebody else is forced to pick up a new card just because the game cannot be played otherwise. Who is the winner becomes obvious at the very end of the game.

Knockout Whist

Knockout Whist is a popular British game that is played between 2-7 players. The game is quite simple to play but brings much fun to those involved. The main idea is to earn as many tricks as possible during each deal.

However, the first player who gets knocked out is not eliminated. This player is given a Dog’s Life and continues playing to win tricks. If they fail to do that, they get eliminated for real.

There are extra rules to this game aimed to make it more difficult and, thus, more fun. Yet, we recommend you start with the simplest version and then upgrade to a more complex one.


Card games are often underestimated. They develop people’s ability to calculate, foresee, plan, and think strategically. No matter how simple the game is, it always requires more than pure luck. Such games always switch on the brain, making it work twice as hard to win.


Author Jason Copley is a freelance writer and an avid poker player. He believes that card games and gambling are unjustly associated with too many stereotypes. Jason even conducts independent research on the effect of card games on the cognitive development of teens and adults. In this article, Jason shares details about his top 6 card games.

























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