The world, or rather, galaxy, of Star Wars is pretty big. And that’s no surprise; it’s had more than 40 years of nearly constant world-building by the creator, the authors he paid, and his passionate fans. As such, the universe has a lot of of planets, moons, vehicles, and species that excite the imagination, from movie-canon originals like Tusken Raiders to offshoot-only creatures like the Silentium and the Nagai. Whether you’re trying to plan a Star Wars role-playing game, mapping the galaxy, or just want to know more about the lore, this celebration of 50 Star Wars species by is a lot of fun.

Some of these species now lie outside of the official Disney canon. For example, the Yuuzhan Vong were an extremely important race to the Expanded Universe, and had their own extensive history, lore, power structure, and culture. They’re refugees from a distant galaxy invading the one we know, with powerful individuals fighting toe-to-toe with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Other races have stayed in the Disney canon, like the Chiss, which is the species of Grand Admiral Thrawn. One interesting item on the list is an unknown species of unknown origin, which has become the most important plot twists of The Mandalorian: what some people like to call “baby Yoda.” Hopefully soon we’ll come to understand what these long-living space elves are and where they come from.

What’s mind-boggling about the Star Wars fandom is that this list barely scratches the surface. According to some sources, there are more than 20 million species in the known galaxy! Check out some of these most familiar species and consider imagining your own!



This article was originally published on 2/3/20