Hey, you! Are you all caught up on your Webtoons and dying for something new? Specifically, something where a key character is tutored by a terrible curse? No? I promise they all have very good stories, and that it isn’t all gloom.

Here are 5 of the worst curses in Webtoons:

Sunju Jeong – How to Become a Dragon

A comic illustration of a human girl named Jeong looking shocked.

How to Become a Dragon is a story about Imogi(or Imugi as an alternative spelling) who are trying to become dragons. In this webtoon, all of the Imogi once had a chance to become a dragon, but failed to ascend due to human interference. Hundreds of years passed and the Imogi are given one more chance to become dragons. The only catch is that they need a human to help them. So the Imogi choose descendants of the humans who caused them to fail their first dragon ascensions.

It is as if a caterpillar never got the chance to become a butterfly, and had to spend lifetimes as a caterpillar. Or if you never went through puberty and lived forever as a 7-year-old. That alone is a curse in itself. However, the one with the terrible curse in this comic isn’t the Imogi, but the humans.

Every human who interfered with an Imogi becoming a dragon had their bloodline cursed, and one of the curses is particularly nasty.

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SPOILER WARNING: The next part will reveal details about Sunju Jeong’s curse.

Sunju Jeong’s family was cursed with parents never having the joy of raising children, and children never knowing the love of a parent. As a result, there is constant death in the family. Eventually, this results in almost everyone in that bloodline dead, except for Sunju’s grandmother and herself. Talk about depressing.

Cat – Caretaker

A picture of Cat's cursed eyeball shortly after she was initially cursed in cheaper 1. Her eyes are blue, but the eye on the left is green due to the curse. It is also glowing with a snake coming out of it.

Next, we have Cat. Most cats have nine lives, but Cat in Caretaker has two. Caretaker takes place in a magical world with witches, monsters and reapers. In this world, reapers are given a second life to, well, take lives. In the first chapter, we see our protagonist lead a soul of a recently deceased man to the other side of sorts.

You could say that being a reaper is a lot like a curse for Cat. She is forced to do a depressing job that comes with a lot of discrimination and haters. When people see her glowing eyes on a bus in the first chapter, she is met with insults and kicked off.

However, that’s not poor Cat’s curse. As if being destined to work as a reaper wasn’t bad enough, Cat is cursed by a witch. Baba Yaga, to be exact. She curses Cat using a nail to Cat’s eyeball.

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SPOILERS: The next part of this section discusses important details of later chapters as well as Cat’s curse.

When Cat is first cursed by the witch, nothing really happens other than an intense burning. The witch even complains about how her curse didn’t work. Though it isn’t active at the time, it can still activate. The curse is essentially a ticking time bomb.

Cat has been cursed to lose her “mind and soul.” What that looks like for Cat is a demonic snake, inside her head, slowly growing and devouring her sanity. Geez. 

Lillian Rue – Wished You Were Dead

The banner for the webcome, "Wished you were dead." Picture features the female and male lead. The male lead is holding a sword to the females throat in a threatening way, and the female looks unphased.

Wished You Were Dead takes place in a fantasy world full of knights and dukes that has some magic here and there. While rare, some magicians, amulets and curses still exist. The main female protagonist, Lillian, is an illegitimate child of a duke who uses some of the world’s fleeting magic thanks to the help of a magician. Neat, right?

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Well, he uses this magic to curse his daughter. She isn’t allowed to talk about the curse and has to obey her father as well as she can. Her father has her pose as his actual daughter, who is dead, and has her marry the emperor. All a part of his plan to take the throne.

If that curse weren’t bad enough, it turns out Lillian is childhood friends with the emperor. In her current state, he can’t recognize her and she can’t communicate the truth to him. As a result, her husband despises her and treats her terribly. She can’t step out of line in the castle or in front of her father, because not only do the duke and king hate her, but the duke is holding her mother hostage.

So really, she has three curses. A clueless husband who hates her, a terrible father, and the magical curse.

Anne and William – Everywhere & Nowhere

The male and female lead of everywhere and nowhere. The background shows four different historical locations: Ancient Greece, the great wall of china, a fuedal japan and ancient egypt.

Everywhere & Nowhere is a Merryweather Media webtoon that follows the story of time traveling duo, Anne and William. Not only are these two gifted with the power to freely travel through time, but they also get to do so while living forever. Hooray!

Well, almost hooray. The comic is mostly lighthearted, but it turns out immortality gets boring after some time. So boring, that one of the protagonists goes completely insane, and the other isn’t far behind. Furthermore, they have to deal with the world ending. Note that it is just the world’s end. Anne and William don’t get to die even then.

Can you outrun forever? Where would you go? Everywhere & Nowhere, apparently. 

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The Lapileon Family – My In-Laws Are Obsessed With Me!

Featuring the female and male lead of "My in-laws are obsessed with me"

Lastly, we have the Lapileon curse. My In-Laws Are Obsessed With Me follows, you guessed it, a reborn female lead and a grumpy duke. It feels like Webtoons like this are a dime a dozen, with dukes or female leads having some kind of curse. Cursed powers, curses that silence you, or just being cursed with a bad attitude. 

However, the curse in this Webtoon is a whole new level of terrible. The terrible curse, along with a wonderful cast, keep this webtoon from getting mixed with the sea of similar Webtoons. Thing is, not only is the duke cursed, but his whole family lineage is. I’m talking about parents, nephews, cousins and even extremely distant relatives. This curse isn’t just passed down by blood, it IS blood. 

When consumed or touched, Lapileon blood is poisonous. In most people, the blood causes a painful death, but if you’re a Lapileon, symptoms are less severe. Sometimes. That’s right, the blood can even kill Lapileons. During childbirth, during menstrual cycles or if they get sick. Can you imagine having to live as a woman in this family? What makes this worse is that women don’t pass on the cursed gene, only men. Meaning women have to give birth to regular people and spend the child’s whole life being unbelievably cautious. That is if the child and mother even live through childbirth.

This curse truly is bloody awful.

Have any of these Webtoon curses piqued your interest? Which one do you think is the worst? Let us know!

This article was originally published in April 2023. 

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