I have spent countless hours driving from one place to another this holiday season which gave me lots of listening time. Now normally I would have listened to music or  more dreaded textbook/notes for school, but over the last several months I have been really into video game podcasts. They are a great way to stay on top of upcoming news and releases as well as just being downright entertaining. I have put together a list of some podcasts that I think you should add to your listening list and maybe the next time you need to drive five hours across five states it will help you survive too.

Giant Bombcast

From video game website and wiki comes the Giant Bombcast, a video game podcast that discusses news, new releases, old releases, weird taste testing and so very much more. The video game podcast is hosted by Brad Shoemaker with a boat load of guests. The show has over ten years worth of episodes if you really want to dig in deep and head down that rabbit hole. Giant Bombcast uploads a new episode on Tuesdays and can be found on several different podcast platforms and in video form on their website with all of the previous ones as well.

Kotaku Splitscreen

From the people behind Kotaku comes the video game podcast we all really need, Kotaku Splitscreen. Hosted by Kirk Hamilton, Jason Schreier, and Maddy Myers, the video game podcast covers all of their favorite (and not so favorite) games along with gaming news and announcements. For those who really love their articles, being able to really listen to them discuss their thoughts with each other is really a step up. The way the three interact is fun and engaging and will have you finishing each podcast and still wanting more. New episodes are uploaded every Wednesday and can be found on several podcast platforms and the Kotaku website.

Podcast Beyond

Podcast Beyond is the video game podcast for Playstation fans brought to us by IGN. The show is currently hosted by Jonathon Dornbush, Lucy O’Brien, Max Scoville, and Brian Altano. They focus heavily on Sony properties but sprinkle in other random things at times. With over 700 episodes featuring news, hands on, and lots and lots of opinions, you will have a lot to catch up on in between new episodes. Speaking of new ones, they upload every Wednesday and can be found on several podcast platforms as well as their website which includes a video version for your viewing pleasure.

The Game Informer Show

Are you even a gamer if you don’t get a copy of Game Informer each month? Well, of course you are but you know what I mean. The Game Informer Show is a video game podcast normally hosted by Ben Hanson but does have a rotating cast of co-hosts, all with their own nerdy video game excitement. Each show normally shares the news and upcoming games, responses to listener emails, and a special segment like interviews with developers. Every once in a while we get an entire episode dedicated to one thing and those are really great. The Game Informer Show updated on Thursdays and the podcast can be found on several platforms as well as a video on their website.

What’s Good Games: A Video Game Podcast

My holy grail and must listen to each Friday has to be the What’s Good Games: A Video Game Podcast. Hosted by Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher, and miss Kristine Steimer, this podcast video game podcast is a mix of news from the industry, hands on impressions, and sass. The girls will have you laughing non stop with their impromptu songs, jokes and out of this world opinions. You can find their podcasts on almost every podcast player or on their YouTube channel where you can watch along and witness their crazy antics on screen. New episodes go live every Friday and have plenty of backlog to keep you going until the next episode.

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