It’s been a month since the final episode of season one of The Mandalorian aired and we’re still thinking about it. Airing exclusively on Disney+, it’s the first live action Star Wars series and it immediately captured audiences. It’s not only because of its great cast, beautiful cinematography, and interesting story, though those are definitely things that helped keep audiences around. There’s a whole lot we loved about the first season – so what could we possibly want to see in the second? Here are just five of the many things. Spoilers ahead!

1 – Foundlings

Many times throughout the first season, we heard about “foundlings” in the Mandalorian ranks. Not much is currently known but we did learn a little bit about them. They’re orphans that the Mandos found throughout the galaxy that they train to be warriors. What we want to know is, just what goes into training a foundling? Do they purposefully search the galaxy for orphans or do they just help the ones they come across? Just what species can be a Mandalorian foundling? So many questions! In the last episode, it was hinted at that we may see what that training looks like but we have to wait and see.

2 – The Child’s First Words

The Child and The Mandalorian

The breakout star of the series was absolutely The Child (or as the internet likes to call them, Baby Yoda). At 50 years old, this Force wielding infant made a deep impression on us all. In fact, some of us patiently waited throughout episodes to see the precious toddler again. Now that he has a surrogate father in the form of Din Djarin aka The Mandalorian, he may being to speak. Can you even imagine the potential cuteness of that little being looking up at The Mandalorian and calling him “Dada”? Melting at the thought of it.

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3 – Ties to the First Order

Werner Herzog in The Mandalorian

Given where this show resides in the timeline, the Empire has fallen but is not completely out of commission. We know that the First Order came from the ashes of the Empire so I think it would be interesting to see bits and pieces of the beginnings of them. Maybe it’s in the form of stealing infants (like Baby Yoda) or our new villains having ties to them. Either way, having a small connection to the sequel trilogy could be a lot of fun.

4 – Darksaber origin story

The very last shot of the final episode made many fans gasp. The new villain of the series, Moff Gideon, emerged from his downed TIE fighter with the Darksaber. For those who don’t know, the Darksaber was an ancient weapon kept within the Jedi Order until it was stolen by the Mandalorian tribes. Since being kept in Mandalore, it’s been passed down for generations and has been used to kill many Jedi. Or at least that’s what we were told in the animated series, The Clone Wars. However, canon currently seems to be a little loose and things can be altered. That’s why it’d be nice to get the origin story of the saber and see how it ended up in the hands of Moff Gideon. Not only that, but what does it mean that he has it in his possession?

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5 – New Planets, New Races

While I do have a lot of interest in seeing film characters and races re-worked into the series, like Tatooine, Jawas, and more, I’d like to experience more new things. The show did really well at balancing things we know with brand new places and races. I’m really excited to see that continue and I hope the new season continues to rely more on the new. The universe is incredibly large so lets explore it!

That’s what we’re most looking forward to. What about you? Let us know what you want to see! The Mandalorian is currently streaming on Disney+.

Erin Lynch