Weekends provide great opportunities to invest your time and effort in casual hobbies, side hustles, and other leisurely activities you would be otherwise unable to on normal days.

Taking a course

While it’s generally recommended that you take the extra time you have on the weekend to engage in more rewarding and relaxing activities, spending that time to expand your mind is not a bad trade off either. You can pick up courses on literally anything you want and spend extra time expanding your knowledge base.

The courses you pick don’t necessarily have to be boring. They could be informative, practical, or they could even help you with skill advancement in a field you are interested in.

Pick up a hobby or second skill

If you have a little bit of extra time available for you on the weekend, then it would be a lovely time to pick up a personal hobby that is not only practical but is also greatly enjoyable. Pick up hobbies that excite you and patiently build up proficiency in them. Consider taking up hobbies like drumming, exercise, reading, gaming, and a few digital skills.

Learning through documentaries and books

This should not be confused with studying. If you perhaps have certain topics you are interested in and have a desire to expand your knowledge base, then reading all about them would be a wonderful way to spend your weekend. This way, you are productive whilst enjoying yourself, having fun, and learning a thing or two.

You could also watch documentaries

Those require less focus and attention and deliver a similar experience of expanding your knowledge base whilst also entertaining you. Documentaries exist for hundreds of topics and are only a few minutes long. With a subscription to a service that possesses a large library of it, you’ll be able to gather as much information as you need.


Health is wealth, and you should always try to take care of your body when you can especially when sitting for long periods of times. Bodyweight exercises, jogging, swimming, HIIT, or any other aerobic exercises are great for your heart, will help you burn fat, and improve your overall health. You can also pick up weight training, calisthenics, gymnastics, or any other muscle-building discipline if your goal is to gain mass and build an impressive physique.

Catching up on games

Not every waking moment of your life has to be spent on self-improvement and learning. Rest and relaxation are important as it unwinds you and relieves stress. Video games are one of the most popular and effective ways to relieve that pent up stress and prepare yourself for a new week.

When we say games, we are not only referring to video games; another great gaming experience is playing at an online casino, it will require you to spend some money but the thrill and the excitement of winning and playing these games, whether it’s slots machines, card or table games it will keep you going for hours, turning a boring weekend into a blast.

Re-organize your home or apartment

People often find it hard to make time during the week for simple things like vacuuming, clearing out your attic, or doing laundry. When the weekend comes around, it gives you the chance to catch up on your chores and ensure your home is clear and clean for the next week of work and activity.