The Marvel Cinematic Universe has proven that superheroes are a gold mine. Not only do they send box office numbers through the roof, but they can also be adapted in all sorts of ways for different mediums. Books, TV shows – and now we have online casino games. While Marvel is not present in the online gambling world, DC stars like Batman and Superman play a significant part. Here are our top 5 superhero slots.

Suicide Squad

Okay, it’s fair to say that the Suicide Squad film received a pretty mixed opening at the box office. But as an online slot, we can gloss over some of the films weaker moments. You will find Deadshot, Harley Quinn and the Joker making all sorts of trouble on the reels. The game is packed full of features and there are even jackpots to win. Let chaos reign when you have a spin on this game.

Green Lantern

Nope, we’re not talking about the 2011 Ryan Reynolds version – we are talking about Playtech’s 3D reimagining. Green Lantern may have been a flop at the box office, but as an online slot, it has a new lease of life. Watch the man in green create all sorts of tools out of his magic ring as you spin your way to a big win. There’s also the chance to win one of four giant jackpots.

Classic Batman

You can’t mention DC without its biggest star. But unlike the dark modern films, the classic 1960s series was much more light hearted. Adam West starred as Gotham’s finest, and the show is fondly remembered for the over the top one liners. There are six games in the series with iconic villains like the Joker, Ice Man, Penguin and The Riddler making an appearance.

Superman Movie

There are many games based on the Man of Steel. In our opinion, the best slot is based on the 1970s classic movies starring Marlon Brando. What we like about these games is how the bonus rounds are themed after events in the movie. In Superman 2 – there’s even a time travel segment which follows certain tragic events.

Justice League

Pick from one of five heroes and use their powers in the bonus feature. Justice League is another DC inspired slot that underperformed at the box office. But as a slot, this game saves the day with a range of fun bonus features.