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How the adventures of Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist), A.K.A. Supergirl, wound up on CBS instead of the CW in the first place is a mystery. (Probably one with a pretty straightforward answer, which I did not even try to Google.) The mismatch between program and network looked like it might end in disaster, but the CW has called its lost sheep home, and Supergirl will take its rightful place alongside DC cousins Arrow and The Flash when Season 2 takes flight (see what I did there?) Monday, October 10. And now it’s time to get excited. Here’s why:

1. We didn’t lose Cat Grant!

The move to the CW means shooting happens in Vancouver instead of L.A., and fans were worried that Calista Flockhart wouldn’t make the move with the show. Although she is downshifting from series regular to recurring guest, Cat Grant will still be around, building on the mentor/protégé relationship they spent the whole first season establishing between her and Kara.

2. Increased potential for crossover episodes!

Now that Supergirl will be on the same network and filming in the same city as The Flash and Arrow, chances are good that the door between their universes will open again.


3. Superman is coming!

While I appreciated the idea that Supergirl could handle whatever shiz went down in National City without some dude showing up to “help,” I also think there’s a point at which “Oh, he just sent me a text message congratulating me on saving the world again,” starts to sound like “You just never met my girlfriend because she lives in Canada.” It was time for him to show his face, and my fingers are crossed that I won’t want to punch it because he mansplains superheroism.

Note: To be fair, it looks like teamwork will make the dream work in the trailer:

4. Sisters doing it for themselves!

Remember at the end of season one where Lucy gets promoted, Cat calls Kara by her correct name and Kara and Alex are BFFs again? This show has the potential to set a positive standard for realistic depictions of strong women who can work together without cat fighting or competing with each other. I am holding my breath that it lives up to this potential, and there’s a huge sign that it might:

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I could have titled this article “LYNDA CARTER IS COMING TO SUPERGIRL AND THAT IS EVERYTHING,” but I sincerely am excited about the first four items on this list, so I included them. That said: LYNDA CARTER!!! Maybe, unlike me, you have not been praying for the real Wonder Woman to come back to TV for literally as long as you can remember. Maybe her cameo in the film “Sky High” was not the only reason you bought a ticket. Maybe we just don’t have that much in common. OR: Maybe you cried with joy the way I did when the news of her role as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES on this season of Supergirl broke. She is so wonderful. I can not wait.



To recap: Girl power. Thank you, CW, for saving this program. And, most importantly: LYNDA CARTER!!!


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