You’ve undoubtedly heard the term anime before. Anime is a word that most people have encountered at some point in their lives. With a revenue of more than $19 billion USD in Japan, anime is experiencing an unprecedented rise in popularity overseas, with a contributing role to its record sales.

Anime is a style of animated art that has gained popularity in recent years. It’s all about bright colors, creative characters, and fantastic tales. Have you ever wondered why anime is so popular? Why is it so appealing to audiences?

There are several anime video applications that just provide anime streaming. Because there are over 2 billion people on the planet who enjoy this form of entertainment.

But have you ever thought, in the past, TV was the only medium to watch movies and shows? But now people can watch TV shows, movies, and a lot more on different platforms and streaming services on a variety of different devices.

Now, the world has different means and platforms of entertainment to watch their favorite shows and movies. Netflix is one of those platforms because it provides many choices for what people want to watch.

Now, a new choice that Netflix has is anime, it is a whole new genre that some people may not have seen before but now they will watch it just because it will be a whole new experience for them. This is also a reason that anime has become more popular in the world.

But like other content, some anime movies are also not available in some regions due to some geo-restriction policies. However, people still want to watch these anime movies and they will try to find them on Netflix and they will try to watch Netflix and its restricted content and for this, they will try to get help from a VPN.

What is Anime?

Anime means animation in Japanese. It is different from cartoons. Anime can be found all over the world and usually has characters with unique personalities and stories.

The majority of anime movies are based on manga or light novels. These animations frequently have strong themes, such as blood, death, and sexuality. Despite the mature subject matter mentioned above, this type of anime is extremely popular among many people!

So, why is anime becoming so popular these days? Let’s look at some of the reasons for its popularity. We’ll go through 5 reasons why anime is so famous in this blog.

The Diverse Variety of Stories

The wide range of genres in anime is the first reason why it is so popular. Every person enjoys a different story, genre, and style in anime! Romance, comedy, action/adventure, mystery/suspense, and horror are just a few of the many genres explored by anime plots. So you may begin with an interesting area you enjoy.

Anime series come with different types of stories. There are many spaces for the artist to think creatively and create new plots. This is why anime lovers can get a different taste in each show. Besides, there are stories that everyone can enjoy, so they make good gifts to share with friends and family members.

Anime on Netflix

Netflix is the most popular streaming app. Over the last year, they have added anime series and movies to their service. Netflix now has a category for all of the anime that they offer.

This means that people who are not into anime can find it on this site. It also gives other people more options if they cannot find what they are looking for at other sites. After reading this if you are getting interested in Anime so here is the list of best Netflix Anime to watch in 2021.

Solid Visuals

Anime is often about fighting or battles, which is very entertaining for many viewers. Skilled artists who put lots of time into the art create anime where everything has details. These are reasons why people who like quality work watch anime.

If you look at the characters, their drawings are very detailed. You can see how their faces change. Even the backgrounds have shadows and lights that make it seem like a real scene.

Relatable Characters and Real Topics

Though anime is a series of cartoons, it can also be about things that happen in the real world. It does not just talk about good things like happiness and laughter. Anime can also show topics like sadness and depression.

Anime is different from Western cartoons. Anime series are more serious, but they are also colorful and cute. They have themes like PTSD and mental illness, difficulty in finding life’s purpose, and struggling to survive.

Anime is not just for children. It is for anyone who watches it. The age to watch it can vary from mature adults to adolescents. The key draw with anime is that the story and message are woven together nicely. You must find the message by deeper understanding and inspection of the anime.

A deep and rich history

Anime began a long time ago. In 1917, one of the first animated films was made in Japan. During the 1970s, anime exploded and there were many different genres. Many new authors were inspired by what was going on during the 1970s and they started to create original series as well as manga.

This is just a trip to the history of Japanese animation. The history is interesting and deep. To experience more, you need to visit Japan and be surrounded by its culture.

Wrapping up

Newer anime series are coming out. They have new themes and they’re more popular now. That’s good news for both the people who like old anime and people who like newer ones and it will give more rise to anime.


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