SHE’S HERE!!! It’s October 7, 2018, and at long last, Jodie Whittaker‘s 13th Doctor is making her big debut as Doctor Who finally returns. Before you dive into the first episode of the new era in Gallifreyan possibilities, here are five things to keep in mind:

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  1. The episode is being simulcast around the world. That means that if you thought you had to wait until it’s regular time to watch tonight, you may have been mistaken! Go check your DVR & see how early/late “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” is airing in your timezone on BBC America.
  2. The TARDIS was exploding the last time we saw it. We literally last saw the Doctor falling to Earth immediately after regenerating. 
  3. Before regenerating, the Doctor regained his memories of Clara. He’d given them up in the Season 9 episode “Hell Bent,” but the maybe-Bill Potts from Testimony restores them with a kiss. 
  4. Bill is a non-physical being traveling the universe with her Pilot girlfriend, and Clara is in her own TARDIS with Ashildr traveling between heartbeats. No expectations of their return, but the door is open. 
  5. Even if old companions have the option of returning, new showrunner Chris Chibnall has said old lovers and enemies will not. According to The Sunday Times: “Chibnall promises no more of (River Song), no more Missy, no more Paternoster Gang. We start again with the four new friends and, as daringly, a new enemy in each of the coming ten episodes. No Daleks. No Cybermen. No Weeping Angels. ‘I want this to be a recruiting year for Doctor Who to bring in that next generation of audiences.'”

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