5 Questions # 17 With Mediocrefilms Kim Evey & Greg Benson

Yea! Welcome the delightful duo of Kim Evey and Greg Benson to GGA’s Questions. These fine folks are the founders of the amazing Mediocre Films which has produced several well known video series such as, Cell Phone Crashing, Shopping Pranks and one of my personal favorites, Prank It Forward which raises awareness and money for various charities. Benson says, “My intention is always to try to make people’s day better through positive pranks and fun social experiments.”

These two are a couple of humans I truly admire and find hilarious and now you will too! Let’s get to their answers!


1.What is your favorite food?

KIM: I hate to pick a favorite. I don’t want the other food to feel bad. Sometimes it’s not their fault that they aren’t delicious.

GREG: Hard to beat pizza. Unless it’s bad pizza. Then it’s easy to beat.


2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? (any galaxy or planet, fictional or otherwise)

KIM: I would live in a dimension where food actually has feelings so I would know how to answer the first question.

GREG: Paris or Amsterdam. The only two cities outside of this country I’ve ever been to where I could envision myself living. But I can’t see myself taking French and Dutch lessons, so forget about it.


3. Who is you favorite superhero?


GREG: Christopher Reeve. And that flying alien he played was cool too.


4. If you could make your own Lego set, what would it be?

KIM: Lego Hooters (cuz then the waitresses would literally be stacked)

GREG: Am I the only person in this world who never, EVER played with Legos? Feels like I am. So not really sure how to answer this question. But maybe it would be cool to build a full-size, operational Lego electric car. Just to be “that jerk with the Lego car.”

5. Marry, F*** or Kill? Gandalf, Darth Vader, Professor X

KIM: Marry Gandalf cuz you’d just hang out in the Shire smoking pipe weed all day, F*** Professor X cuz no foreplay–heck you wouldn’t even have to get undressed, Kill Darth Vader cuz you have to kill Darth Vader.

GREG: Yes, I would marry, f*** and then kill all of them.


Thank you Kim and Greg! Be Sure and subscribe to Mediocre Films here!

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