5 Questions #15 With Actor Dan Payne

I want to welcome the lovely actor, Dan Payne, to GGA’s 5 Questions! He has an impressive resume including roles on Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, The Cabin In The Woods, Watchmen, Battlestar Galactica and Human Target

Dan can currently be seen in Disney’s Descendants as the very handsome Beast and has just wrapped on several projects including Cradle of Lies, Dying to be Loved, Stranger in the House AND a couple of big projects he can’t talk about just yet!

Thank you for playing Dan, let’s get to the questions!


1.What is your favorite food?

DP: Absolutely anything someone else has cooked for me!!!  I love food and can’t cook – not a great combo.  But food always tastes better when someone else makes it….right?!?  I’ll try anything once.  Often twice.

2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? (any galaxy or planet, fictional or otherwise)

DP: I would live in a place that someone smarter than me could make by going into my brain and finding all the things that make me laugh and feel fully alive!  It would have a secret entrance that I would only show the people I wanted to join me there 😉


3. Who is you favorite superhero?

DP: My favorite Superhero is (and yes I know how much you people groan at this!) my Dad!  But if you mean from the comics/movies …Superman…no Ironman …wait Hulk!  I have to say Hulk because my kids are awesome and tell other kids that their daddy can lift cars like Hulk.  Also on the flip (and not as awesome) side whenever I lose my temper and my voice happens to raise in volume, my youngest asks, ‘is daddy Hulk mad?’ which pretty much snaps me out of it immediately.


4. If you could make your own Lego set, what would it be?  

It would be a life size working ’67 Fastback Mustang…next to my functional Lego mansion!


5. Let’s play Marry, F*** or Kill? Joss Whedon, Richard Dean Anderson, Kate Beckinsale

Joss – marry, RDA – marry, Kate – marry so I could F*** for the rest of my life!!!


Thank you again, Dan Payne! 

Make sure you check out all of his projects and keep an eye out for the super secret business, and we’ll let you know as soon as we do!


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