Worried about not getting your Gotham fix this week? With such a roller-coaster season, who could blame you? While we wait until its return on May 3, here are five predictions for the final three episodes. Possible spoilers ahead.

1) We will not be seeing a fully actualized Joker. When we last left Jeremiah Valeska, he’d been dosed with a specially formulated laughing gas. This doesn’t mean he’ll be hitting the streets of Gotham as the Crown Prince of Crime any time soon. Gotham is, after all, an origin story and Jeremiah’s is just beginning.

2) The catastrophe that Ra’s Al Ghul saw in his vision, will not wait until the finale. In the No Man’s Land comic, Gotham is hit with an earthquake. The government declares it a loss and seals it’s borders. Since the finale is named No Man’s Land, it stands to reason that chaos will erupt before that.

3) Heroes will rise. This season of Gotham started with Jim Gordon up against the Penguin ruling the city as mayor. The other villains of Gotham have taken center stage since the mid-season break. A catastrophic event will give Gordon and the GCPD an opportunity to take the city back. We may also see more of Bruce and his shiny new car. The question marks will be Barbara and her new band of assassins, Selina, and Lee.

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4) A series changing event, usually means some departures. In this case, we probably aren’t going to see any deaths. We may however, see some of the characters tucked back into Arkham or Blackgate. Some, like Sophia Falcone may find themselves in a coma. Going into Season 5, however, we might see some recasting. Depending on how much time is supposed to have gone by, they may need to age up Bruce and Selina.

5) While Gotham’s ratings have dropped slightly, and it hasn’t officially been renewed, it’s looking better and better that we will get a season 5. The news and interviews coming from showrunners and producers have been optimistic.

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