The Japanese and residents of other countries are very fond of watching all kinds of gambling. In anime and manga, there is a whole subgenre where characters compete with incredibly complex rules. When done correctly, the result is exciting intellectual battles.

In this review, you will learn about 5 popular gambling anime, which are loved by players of $5 deposit casinos and just fans of anime and gambling. So, keep reading and be inspired.


  • Genre: anime, cartoon, drama, detective;
  • Premiere: 2017;
  • Country: Japan;
  • Director: Yuichiro Hayashi.

The plot of the series is set at the elite Hyakkao Academy, from which only successful young people graduate. If you are admitted to the academy, you are guaranteed a great future. Suzuki Ryota, one of the students of this institution, loses the game and owes a huge amount of money. The rules of the academy are simple: gambling reigns here, a strong player commands the weak, victory is everything, the loss is equal to debt and humiliation.

It would seem that everything is over for Suzuya because he has neither abilities nor passion, which means that he will be a school pet-debtor all his life. But at the same time, a girl named Jabami Yumeko is transferred to the academy. It is she who helps Retya pay off the debt, and they become friends. Not only is Yumeko a beauty, but she is also greedy for gambling. Not a day goes by when her incredible talent for winning games is discovered. However, this is noticed by the president of the local student council, Momobami Kirari. She decides to get rid of Yumeko by any means possible.

 No Game No Life

  • Genre: anime, cartoon, adventure;
  • Premiere: 2014;
  • Country: Japan;
  • Director: Atsuko Ishizuka.

The story is about Sora and Shiro, brother and sister, whose reputation as impeccable NEETs, hikikomori, and gamers has spawned legends all over the internet. These two gamers see real life as just another “crap game.” One day, a guy called “God” summoned them to an alternate world. There he banned wars and declared that this is a world in which “everything is decided by games,” even national borders. Humanity was pushed out by other races to the only remaining city. Will the worthless Sora and Shiro become the “saviors of humanity” in this alternate world? Check this out yourself.

Death Parade

  • Genre: anime, cartoon, drama, fantasy;
  • Premiere: 2015;
  • Country: Japan;
  • Director: Yuzuru Tachikawa.

After death, people go to either hell or heaven. But there are also those who, at the time of their death, end up in Quindecim, where the mysterious gray-haired Decimus works as a bartender. He offers guests a “Deadly Game” in which the true face of the participants will be revealed, and their lives will become the stake. Decimus himself chooses who won and who lost, who survived and who is destined to die.

We will all be there – this is unambiguous, but most religions teach that a decent life will bring some bonuses, an unworthy one will lead to long and unpleasant procedures, and whoever lived in the middle will also receive what they deserve. But where and how is this solved? Here the opinions of the priests and prophets diverged: who is drawing the Apostle Peter, who is a narrow bridge over a fiery abyss. But in reality, everything is simpler, and the entrance to purgatory can be found in an ordinary drinking establishment, where a variety of personalities drop in!

Of course, the Fifteen Bar is just one of the posts in the realm of the dead, specializing in paired cases. That is, if two people die at about the same time, they are taken to a bar and offered to play an interesting game, the rates of which become known closer to the final. This is where the most interesting begins, revealing the true human essence. And then the impassive bartender makes a decision that cannot be appealed.

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

  • Genre: Thriller, drama, gambling;
  • Premiere: 2007;
  • Country: Japan;
  • Director: Yuzo Sato.

Life presents the carefree slob Kaiji Ito with an unpleasant surprise in the form of a huge debt that a man must pay in place of his longtime partner. Kaiji learns about a risky way to win a huge amount of money and pay off a debt – to go on a cruise, where the same debtors will gamble with each other.

The essence of the method is as follows: Kaiji, together with other people who find themselves in a similar position, sits on a ship, where they will play some kind of gambling game with additional loan money. The game will end with a few people winning and getting out of debt, while everyone else will go into even bigger debt and have to work for the organizing company for several years to pay off. The winner, as you know, gets everything and even more, but the loser is still in big debt. Since Kaiji is a risky guy, he confidently agrees to take part in a game where the stakes are higher than he can imagine.

The Legend of the Gambler: Tetsuya

  • Genre: Gambling;
  • Premiere: 2000;
  • Country: Japan;
  • Director: Nobutaka Nishizawa.

It is about Post-war Japan. The country is ruined; most cannot even afford rice. Most, but not all. Tetsuya’s pockets are stuffed with money, and he prefers to stuff his stomach with sushi. This is because Tetsuya is a professional mahjong player. However, the coin of gambling has a flip side, and for an experienced one, there is always an even more experienced one, while for a cunning one, there is even more cunning!


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