The current pandemic has had a lot of its share in making most industries in the world make a shift in the way they operate and make profits. This has made businesses take losses but there are some that are striving.

The US online casino industry

Amongst industries that are striving include online gambling and some of the best online casino sites in the USA have not been left out on the list. And you can find more information at It is more than 5 months since the lockdown hit the world and it is still going on and we surely are not sure when this will come to an end.

The pandemic has caused havoc to businesses and it has changed the way people live and treat each other. It has made a lot of people lose jobs while others have been forced to take pay cuts or faced furlough. Businesses and consumers have been forced to adapt to the lockdown in very many ways. Travel industries have for the better part shut doors and wait for the situation to change. To meet the demand of most of its consumers, industries have shifted to offering their services online and this is where online casinos continue to thrive. Fashion businesses have to change their products from beachwear to jogger bottoms because people no longer have fun at the beach anymore until the situation changes.

Online gambling

A lot of gaming businesses have made a mass exodus to online gambling. This is because the industry has not been affected by the lockdown crisis that has been brought around by COVID-19 pandemic. Sports betting has hugely been affected by the crisis because sports activities haven’t been taking place for the best part. Easy Payment Gateway latest statistics reveal that its client base has a made a significant rise of 10% in terms of transaction processing volumes. This is a good start compared to previous months and this was especially realized in the gambling industry.

Fraud Management Aggregator and Spanish Payment Services has been making observations on the list of its clients who have been helping them expand. This is mostly from gambling industry and the service demand is Asian, Latin American and African companies. To offer services and products in different regions of the world require robust payment methods.

The figures in online gambling are almost the same everywhere

British Gambling Commission publicized gambling industry statistics that are carried out after 6 months. In their findings, it was revealed that as between October 2019 and March 2020 online casinos yielded a gross of £3.2 billion which was a 3.9% increase. Land-based casinos recorded a significant drop of 0.6% in gambling yield and as a result it dropped to £1.1 billion. Online betting made an increase of 4.3% which translates to £2.1 billion. Remote bingo on the other hand made an increase of 12.5% which is a reflection of £198 million.

Online gambling market according to Online Gambling Market Report project that 2020-30 COVID-19 Growth and Change is expected to rise from $58.9 billion to $66.7 billion during the 2020 period. This is a 13.2% growth and this increase is as a result of the Coronavirus.


As a result of the shutdown of most physical stores and people fearing to show up at public places, there has been a shift to online retailing. As a way of reducing chances of social contact, most companies like those that deal with food have embraced the use of online delivery services to their clients and the trend is becoming popular. Shopping sites like Amazon are some of the biggest beneficiaries in the sector with high customer demand base. Amazon is the greatest beneficiary because it has a massive customer base for various items in different sectors. They range from food, household essentials to cleaning supplies and it has dealt well with the current situation. Its share in general and retailing is projected to increase in the coming years as a result of the virus outbreak.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector has been on the beneficiary side since COVID-19 struck the world. Most companies like Johnson & Johnson have developed testing kits for Coronavirus. Gilead Sciences Inc. has also had its good share of the pandemic after it has had clinical trials for the treatment of COVID-19. Companies like Alpha Pro Tech Ltd. has also benefited by producing face masks to meet the demand for customers, hence increasing stock market value. The pharmaceuticals sector is projected to have a tremendous growth due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Consumer Goods

This industry has been on the good receiving end since Coronavirus was reported and the subsequent lockdown that loomed in the entire world. Many people flocked into stores in panic to buy up items such as hand sanitizers, non-perishable foods and toilet roll in stock. Companies like Clorox that deals with disinfectants and other cleaning products have witnessed a rise in terms of consumer demand as well as stock market value growth.

Social Media and Home Entertainment Platforms

Self-isolation and social distance has been the awareness that has been spreading all over the world as a result of the outbreak of Coronavirus. This is essentially to reduce the widespread of the virus. This has caused a lot of people to remain at their homes and as a result, they have been forced to look out for ways to make their homes lively and entertaining. Popular entertaining services like Spotify and Netflix have found their ways in most homes. Barclaycard recorded a growth of 12.3% in terms of subscribing to digital content.

Netflix has also responded to the crisis by making a Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party. This allows users to organize movie nights virtually so that they can watch films and shows with friends remotely.

Social media platform apps like Instagram, Facebook and Skype have been predicted by experts to increase in popularity. This is because they are platforms that help people across the globe remain in touch and updated with what is happening all over the world.

As a result of public spaces like gyms experiencing shut down, fitness apps as well as exercise equipment have been on high demand so that people continue working out at home. Some, like Peloton that is known to sell top-notch exercise bikes has been giving streaming services to its clients. This has eventually increased their stock market value. Most businesses have continually encouraged most of the employees to work at home remotely. As a result, video conferencing like Zoom and Slack have increased their shares. Slack alone for example has recorded a 30% stock market value growth and Zoom 11% in February.