I think we’ve all been there before: close to beating a game we already love when a previously unknown power-up, bonus round, or Easter egg is discovered. Those thrills can be so amazing.

Discovering video game extras is one of the things that makes playing games so rewarding. It’s also what’s made some of the games on this list so addictive for their many fans around the world.

Online Slot Bonus Rounds, New Gameplay Modes and So Much More

Sometimes video game extras might allow us to play a totally new game mode, other times they might allow us to unlock features or players we couldn’t use before. There are as many different types of video game extras as there are games. Nonetheless, some special features, power-ups, bonus rounds, and DLC are just so cool they are unforgettable.

If you are wondering where to find the best slots bonus rounds, there are even more here than you might know what to do with. One of the coolest things about online gambling platforms is how many unique bonuses and rewards you can earn in-game. Also, unlike most mainstream video games, you can actually win real money playing them.

The Most Outrageous Video Game Add-Ons

  1. Call of Duty Zombies Mode

When Call of Duty: World at War came out way back in 2009, it ignited global passions for its sleek portrayal of World War II and its shocking new game play mode: zombies. Zombie mode was an important video game add-on because it helped to create an entirely new way to play a game that many first -person shooter purists adored.

The Nazi zombie encounters and maps in Call of Duty: World at War spawned many successive spin-offs including an actual COD title devoted to this new game play mode. When it came out, World at War was both vilified and praised for its graphic depiction of the carnage at the center of WWII. The special zombie mode add-on only helped to define this entry in the series as something radical and unlike anything the video game world had seen.

  1. Ultra-Massive MMO Battles

Amazon’s new MMO New World will launch in April 2020. The game is already being praised for its flawless progression system, epic graphics, and ultra-massive MMO Battles. The ecommerce kingpin’s first MMO is slated feature huge instances and player vs player situations, involving 100s of players on-screen at once.

If that’s not enough, the game is set during the imperial conquest of a mysterious island known as Aeternum in an alternate 1600s universe, which is pretty cool! Oh yeah, forgot to mention one other very important fact: for you zombie lovers out there, this game will also include supernaturally fortified zombies.

  1. Village and Pillage Update Minecraft

The Village and Pillage update of Minecraft from May o019 was truly game changing. This massive update added on super cool new mobs, the ability to use crossbows, new types of blocks and so much more. Minecraft continues to be such a popular game because it’ developers have invested so heavily in producing epic new content.

The inclusion of the new villagers and pillagers dichotomy was really welcomed by Minecraft’s loyal international fanbase. With raiding now a dedicated part of the game, the experience has been transformed and elevated. Village and pillage mode is really special and one of the best video game extras ever.

  1. The Great Hall of Spins

Microgaming’s Thunderstruck II video slot game contains an epic extra feature known as The Great Hall of Spins. In this game mode, players get the chance to go for game-changing extra spins dedicated to the Norse gods at the center of this online gambling blockbuster.

The Great Hall of Spins features stunning graphics and mechanics which can win lucky players cold hard cash, if they hit the right symbols they need. Thunderstruck II is one of the most popular video slots out there and worth checking out if you want a cool animated slot experience where you can win real money.

  1. Vintage Tony Hawk Levels

Tony Hawk Proskater was a skateboarding sensation when it first debuted. Young people around the world spent many a hard-earned afternoon trying to master the game’s innovative skating mechanics. One of the coolest things about the Tony Hawk series is the fact that classic levels such as the Warehouse, Airport, and Marseille, ended up being reimagined in later games in the series.

This means that many of the most favorite levels of all time within the Tony Hawk series came out again in later games with newer mechanics and gaming styles. This is a cool feature and something more video game series should do.