While Canada Day and the Fourth of July are over, that doesn’t mean the parties have to stop! Oh no. There are months of nice weather for geeks to enjoy together. More specifically, pool parties. Of course, any of these can be used for a summer party. You just might be a little silly with a giant float in the house. To the pool!


Food and Drinks

Image via AmysPartyIdeas

Nothing brings people together like food. And food and drinks can delight in not only taste but also appearance. Even if you can’t create stylish looking food, the geek merchandise available will be sure to help you out.

Why not have Han Solo frozen in carbo-ice? This ice cube tray available on Amazon is sure to bring a smile to your guests faces. Not only can it be used for ice, but also chocolate pieces as well!

And don’t stop there. You can make Yoda shaped guacamole dip, 8-sided dice cookies, Pokemon pizza, Captain America cake, you name it.

Images via Reddit


Swimwear and Towels

Image via ThinkGeek

In years prior, it was really hard to find anything geek-beach worthy that wasn’t for children. Now there seems to be a slew of them! From ThinkGeek’s Trekkie two pieces to Naruto swimtrunks for guys at Hot Topic. You can wear your geek pride anywhere you go!

As for towels, typically you can find all sort of geek towels in stores. I had to coax myself out of a Force Awakens towel…


Pool Floats

Image via ThisIsWhyImBroke

Want to float in Captain Kirk’s Captain’s chair? Perhaps Pacman’s head? There are quite a few floats you can find online. Unfortunately pool toys are limited so you’ll just have to role play in the pool should you want some extra fun.



Image via YouTube

Decoration can really pull your party together. Whether it’s simple like a shark chip bowl or hanging D20 lights around the yard. Not to mention your dinner set. You can find a lot of superhero covered paper plates but you’ll need to be more creative with other fandoms. Luckily, there are a lot of option for cups out there.

Can’t buy the expensive decorative glasses or cute tiki cups? Plastic cups and sharpies are always there in a pinch. But simple little decorations really bring it all together. Except for maybe one more thing…



Image via alexander paczynski

There are playlists all over the place – from YouTube to Spotify. It will just depend on what kind of music you want to listen to. You could listen to some relaxing jazz renditions of Disney songs, some house music with Star Wars sound effects, you name it.

Or, you could create your own playlist of your favorite songs straight from the soundtrack. There are all kinds of shenanigans that can happen from a great music playlists.


And that’s our list! Is there anything you’d add? Go out there and swim, my geek friends!

Erin Lynch