The holidays are a time to be with your family, friends, and loved ones to spread cheer. Since half of the world is experiencing the winter season, gathering around the fireplace has become a sort of tradition. But many of us don’t have an actual fireplace – thus the internet Yule Log was born. And because of all the fun, creative ways people can make yule logs, we’ve picked out a few that are sure to delight your holiday.

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Yakatomi Yule Log

Whether Die Hard is or is not a Christmas movie, it’s become a staple among fans. If you’re Team Christmas Movie, be sure to throw this on your screen and watch the Nakatomi tower burn. Sirens really add to the Christmas spirit, right?

Minecraft Yule

Minecraft‘s reach is undeniable. Though the fever of popularity has died down a bit, there are still die-hard (heh) fans out there. Maybe your kids are really into it! Or heck, maybe if you’re just a gamer and enjoy the 8-bit look of a fire crackling. Just watch out for Creepers!

Rifftrax Yule

Need a laugh after such a rough year? Rifftrax has you covered! Five members of the crew have come together to create a funny yule log sure to give you belly laughs. While there’s only a sample below, you’ll see that this might be the yule log you need.

Home Alone Yule

Yet another Christmas movie staple, Home Alone has amused fans for decades. Kevin’s antics against his would-be robbers have made us all laugh. So why not have a laugh as you watch poor Joe Pesci‘s head burn like a yule log? A bit morbid? Maybe. But you can’t help but smile seeing it.

13th Doctor Yule Log

Our 13th Doctor has decided to give us a Christmas treat. While we won’t be able to see a Christmas special, we have a festive yule log as a replacement. Watch as the Doctor comes in and out of her Tardis, kneel by the fire, use her sonic and more! How many little Doctor Who Easter eggs can you find in this magical video?

Those are some of our picks for yule logs to delight you this year! Be sure to check out our previous logs for even more choices.

Have a wonderful holiday filled with love, friends.

Erin Lynch