Acne was previously just an unpleasant reminder of our teenage years, but adult acne has become increasingly common nowadays. Thanks to air pollution, processed foods, and lack of sleep. That is why an increasing number of adults are suffering from acne. Thankfully, technology is playing its part to help you succeed in your battle with acne and deal with its consequences. Beauty companies are coming up with improved gadgets that offer high tech ways to deal with acne. The demand for at-home gadgets has been steadily on the rise as they provide effective solutions to cure acne. Here are some high-tech ways to deal with acne.

1.    Blue Light Therapy:

A handy device that emits blue LED light reaches the skin pores to kill bacteria that are growing beneath the skin surface to cause acne. Use it on your zits and areas prone to acne and you will notice the visibly reduced swelling and instantly calmed pimples. Within a few weeks of use, you will get noticeably clearer skin. This blue light gadget is specifically designed to heal blemishes, soothe irritation, and minimize redness. Moreover, you can also use this device to enhance the absorption of the active ingredients in lotions with the help of Low-Frequency Therapy. Renee Rouleau offers the quickest solution for acne spots with a collection of treatments to address every type of blemish.

2.    Deep Skin Exfoliation:

Yan-Man Circle Peeling Pro is also  a handy device that comes with three modes called Peeling, Pore, and Tightening. This tool provides thorough exfoliation to deeply clean the pores containing sebum, dirt, and grime. The device also features ultrasonic micro-vibration in its peeling mode to dislodge dead skin cells so that you can have clearer and fresher skin. The pore mode performs iconic cleansing to clear the clogged pores while the tightening mode offers micro-vibration massage to reduce the appearance of pores. Thus, all the steps involved in the process of exfoliation have been integrated into one gadget to make your cleansing regime easier and time-saving.

3.    Derm Smooth Perfectionist:

Derm Smooth Perfectionist is also a portable, handheld gadget that offers an all in one solution to address your acne issues and skin clearing needs. It offers vacuum suction, microdermabrasion, and LED blue light to cleanse your skin and kill acne-causing bacteria. The microdermabrasion function sloughs away the dead skin with the help of its gentle micro-diamond tip. Use the vacuum function to clear whiteheads and LED light to keep the skin bacteria and acne at bay. The blue light also helps calm the redness and stimulates cellular renewal after microdermabrasion.


4.    Professional Acne Clearing Solution:

TANDA Clear+ is an FDA approved acne clearing treatment that offers a combination of sonic vibrations, blue light therapy, and gentle warming to combat pimples. Thanks to the blue light technology that penetrates beneath the skin to kill the acne-causing bacteria. The sonic vibrations enhance the microcirculation in the skin and help reduce swelling. The device also provides gentle warming to allow effective deep cleansing. Use the device on the affected areas twice a day for about three minutes to get optimal results. This tech invention is suitable to use at home and you can achieve results similar to professional acne treatment.

5.    Photodynamic Therapy:

If you have cystic acne and oily skin, Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) can prove to be an effective treatment. This therapy not only kills the bacteria responsible for acne but also helps change the oil glands on your face. You will get a visible decrease in the acne breakouts after having this treatment. The therapy involves the use of a photosensitive agent called Levulan that gets active under the Blue or Red Light. The patient will have redness and peeling for a few days after this procedure and should avoid sun exposure for at least 48 hours.