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American popular culture is one of the countries most potent export goods with Hollywood movies and shows on the forefront. Marvel and DC Comics, hip-hop, rock, blues and jazz music, American sports, TV shows. All these cultural niches have a broad reach outside the US, as well as other American cultural trends. Fast-food chains like McDonald’s or KFC, Subway and Burger King also represent the American way with their golden arches and familiar logos.

Did you know that American movies take up 70% of box office sales in Europe?

NEPCA or Northeast Popular & American Culture Association is a professional organization for New England and New York-based scholars that research and promote American culture, and popular culture.

Facts about NEPCA

Northeast Popular/American Culture Association was founded in 1974, right when Woody Allen was ascending as a writer/director, Ramones sent waves of punk-rock music and long before Beastie Boys and Jay-Z made their way to the top. But NEPCA doesn’t study only northeastern artists. Their materials and conferences can help students that want to study arts. It’s not easy; however, to get in prestigious art schools, and personal statement can be the difference-maker. For those who are not confident in their writing, qualified personal statement writers or freelancers on platforms like Fiverr can help you start your trip through vast American pop culture.

One of the resources you can check when studying is NEPCA. Here are 5 facts about NEPCA:

1.     NEPCA is affiliate

Northeast Popular & American Culture Association is an affiliate of the American Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association. It is independently funded, and it is opened for all interested parties to join a membership.

2.     Community of scholars

NEPCA is a community of scholars from New England and New York area. Membership consists of independent scholars, university and faculty members, emeriti faculty, school teachers, museum personnel, students, and other interested members from the general public. The idea behind NEPCA is research and promotion of popular and American culture.

3.     NEPCA organizes annual conferences

Every year, NEPCA hosts its annual conference, and for 2019 it will be held in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Conference will focus on how to teach popular culture, and one of the topics will be teaching mainstream courses using popular culture. For instance, using Star Trek for exploring biology.

4.     NEPCA has its definition of popular culture

Northeast Popular & American Culture Association has its interpretation of popular culture. Some of the views on pop culture include works, trends, and movements that appeal to masses rather than to elite culture. Cultural subjects don’t have to have formal training, aesthetic judgment is avoided, and commercial culture embraced.

5.     NEPCA presents annual awards

Annual Book Prize is named after Peter C.Rollins, a longtime NEPCA benefactor and scholar in the fields of American culture. The winner receives a cash prize of $500 and a certificate of merit. Book has to be original work with scholar tone and a thesis-driven monograph on American/popular culture topic.

NEPCA invites publishers to nominate a book for annual James P. Hanlan Book Award that has a certificate of merit and a symbolic $300 award. The winner is presented at the annual conference in October, and the topics that are in the mix for the prize include monographs of popular culture or American culture topic by a New England or New York-based author.

NEPCA awards best paper in the field to the graduate student in the Graduate Student Paper Prize. This way, the organization is grooming young scholars to help the field of research. Students can participate, and connection with NEPCA can help their post-graduation career.

Bottom line

Promoting and researching a broad field of American and popular culture is the primary goal of NEPCA. In their 45 years, Northeast Popular & American Culture Association helped countless works on cultural topics and contributed to the understanding and deciphering of American popular culture. Although their members and contributors are from the Northeastern region, an area of research is not bind to the New York and New England.

The NEPCA is a volunteer organization with many perks for members, and the pinnacle of their effort is in the annual conference. The organization both study culture and create cultural goods, and is invaluable in its contribution to the American way.



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