If your YouTube channel is new and you’re looking to grow your following, here are a few simple, yet trending, YouTube video ideas for inspiration.

Every single day, people spend one billion hours of watch time on YouTube. Clearly, it’s one of the top video platforms out there. 

This is good news because it means there’s a whole lot of people just waiting to see your content. However, it also means you have a ton of competition.

If your YouTube channel is new and you’re looking to grow your following, here are a few simple, yet trending, YouTube video ideas for inspiration.

1. Brainstorm Video Ideas with Introductions 

Channel introductions give you, the creator, a chance to tell your audience what you do and what makes your channel special.

Making a good first impression with your channel’s aesthetic is part of introductions. Before you make any videos, make sure you find some YouTube banner design inspirations to lure viewers into your content.

Introductions are also good opportunities to ask your audience what content format they like and what you personally enjoy creating. Even if you feel like you’re talking into a void because you have absolutely zero subscribers, you can always link to your first introduction video when you eventually gain a following. 

Your future subscribers may also appreciate seeing your humble beginnings as a creator.   

2. Reviews

YouTube isn’t just an entertainment platform. Next to Google, it’s the second largest search engine, which means that it helps people find information. 

Many viewers need an authoritative opinion on a product or service before they purchase, so video reviews are a go-to source for that information. Tech reviews are popular niches for this format because they help viewers make more informed decisions on pricey equipment. 

3. Tutorials

Each year, “how-to” searches on YouTube grow 70 percent, which means people are always trying to learn how to do something. If you offer that information, your channel has a better chance of being featured in the search algorithm and getting a lot of exposure. 

Natural hair videos generally do well with this format because many of them teach viewers how to emulate difficult styles.     

4. Live Streaming      

Live streaming allows viewers to see your content in real-time. Showing raw material gives you a chance to engage with viewers in a live chat and show a little unedited personality. 

In the gaming niche, live streams can especially prove how clutch your skills are in high stakes, real-time plays. 

5. Disprove or Confirm a Theory

These videos draw viewers in with facts vs. myth or popular opinion. Depending on your channel niche, this could be an opportunity to build up some credibility as a content creator who knows their craft. 

You may see this is in videos that try various marketing tactics to help people grow their e-commerce stores or social media followings.


Tips and Tricks for All Video Ideas

No matter what your niche is, your goal as a creator is to maximize your channel’s accumulated watch time. This means you should always link to a previous video, invite viewers to like or share your videos, and use social media to promote them.     

If you’re at the beginning of your YouTube journey, leave a comment about your experience!
































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