Whether you have played forever or were recently introduced thanks in large part to Stranger Things, the world of Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) has come back in full force these last couple of years. DnD is a table top RPG mostly set in a fantasy world where a Dungeon Master (DM) leads adventurers through a campaign and allows their decisions to directly affect the outcomes. Due to the nature of the game, it does extremely well as a podcast. What truly makes a good DnD podcast is the relationship between the DM and their players as well as the story they create together. Here is a list of some of my favorite DnD podcasts that even someone who has never played can really enjoy!

Critical Role

It is almost impossible to create a list of DnD podcasts without including the most notable one. Critical Role is DMed by none of than Matt Mercer, best known for his amazing voice acting skills in videos games and anime. He is joined by a few fellow nerdy voice actors, Liam O’Brien, Sam Riegel, Taliesin Jaffe, Laura Bailey, Marisha Ray, Ashley Johnson, and Travis Willingham. The first season of Critical Role has come to an end, but the latest season has just begun and the Mighty Nein do not disappoint! These amazing voice actors do an incredible job of bringing their characters to life while attempting to stay alive in Matt Mercer’s amazing world. While it is better known for being streamed on Twitch every Thursday evening on the Geek and Sundry channel, each episode is modified to Podcast form and can be listened too a week after the show has aired. Each episode runs between 3 hours to 5 hours; however, I guarantee they will keep you laughing or crying. Each podcast episode can be found on the Geek and Sundry website.

Drunks and Dragons

Now officially an award winning podcast, Drunks and Dragons is one of the oldest podcasts on this list. This group of friends have been together since 2012 and they know what makes a great campaign. Coming close to 300 episodes, they have survived, and died in, several encounters and still keep coming back for more. What really keeps bringing me back is how the players are able to deal with the death of their characters, and then show up with new ones every time! To be honest, who doesn’t love mixing drinking and dragons? Each episode runs between an hour to an hour and half and can be found on the Geekly Inc website.

Sneak Attack!

Sneak Attack! is by far one of my favorite DnD podcasts! This home-brew game has been recorded in an attic since 2015 and has come a really long way. Set in the fictional world of Brannis, the group of adventures meet some of the scariest (and wackiest) enemies I’ve ever seen! The group does an amazing job keeping the story light and funny but still focus on more serious situations. DM Reid has created such an amazing world for the heroes to traverse and each episode keeps you coming back for more. The episodes run for roughly an hour which really helps when you are trying to catch up on ones you might have missed. Each episode can be found on the Sneak Attack! website.

D&D is For Nerds

The D&D is For Nerds podcast started as a learning experience for a lot of the crew. The first episode introduces not only the audience but the players to the game. As the group stumbles through their adventures they create such an amazing and hilarious story. The hook for me was how short these episodes can be. Each episode ranges from a half hour to an hour. They keep the story moving smoothly while making sure to keep everyone entertained along the way. While they are pretty easy going on the rules, they make up for in their awesome improv! D&D is For Nerds can be found on the Sanspants Radio website along with some other wonderful non-D&D podcasts!

Roll To Hit

Roll To Hit is another DnD podcast created by a much larger community known as The Commentist. The story created by one of the two DMs is truly outstanding and you can’t help but feel in the moment when listening. Even in a dire fight, the adventurers can drum up some of the best one liners to help lighten the mood! The first few initial episodes start a tad slow, but it really picks up. Once it’s going well it’s out of this world. The episodes range from 45 minutes to an hour making them perfect to binge on while doing other things. You can find all the episodes at The Commentist webpage!

Don’t worry if your favorite DnD Podcast didn’t make this list because if I had to include every single one of them I would be typing until the end of time! Let me know which ones are your favorite and I will add them to my “must listen to” playlist!

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