With the start of the new year comes the wait for all the games coming out in 2019. Regardless of when your favorite is set to drop, you have to find something to do with your off time. Sure, battle royale or MOBA (multi player online battle arena) games may have high replay value but the story lines are surely lacking. Games with intense singular story lines, an RPG can feel rather boring on the second or third play through.

Some of my favorite games to play are ones that allow you to make choices in the game that really affect the outcome in situations. To me, these games can be replayed multiple times and still have you on edge about what might happen next. I have put together a list of choose your own adventure games that everyone should replay (or play for the first time) in 2019.

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Life Is Strange

Life is Strange took the world by storm when it was released episode by episode throughout 2015. The story follows main character Max as she works alongside best friend Chloe to investigate a missing friend and what is really going on in Arcadia Bay. The twist with this game? Max has the power to rewind time and allow her to take a different path. This is where the choose your own adventure really comes into play. You can decide exactly how things go down and those decisions impact the world around you and relationships with other characters. In the two times I have played through the game, the road has been completely different yet still had me on edge. Life is Strange is available for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and Android devices.

The Wolf Among Us

While Telltale is no longer in business, players can still enjoy The Wolf Among UsThe game plays over five episodes originally released periodically throughout 2013 and 2014. However, now you can download the entire game and play the whole way through. Based off of the Fables comics, written by Bill Willingham, the game serves as a prequel. The mix of fairy tale and gritty detective murder mystery really makes it one for the books. As you investigate and question different characters, you choose the dialogue to follow. Depending on how a conversation goes, good, bad or indifferent, will impact the overall game play. Make a character hate you? They will be little to no help later on. The Wolf Among Us is available to play on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4.

The Walking Dead

One of Telltale’s greatest stories has to be The Walking DeadSimilar to The Wolf Among Us, it was released in episodes and with the help of publisher Skybound Games the final season is underway. You can currently play through the first three seasons and a bonus season featuring Michonne. The story follows Clementine as she tries to make her way to her parents with a group of fellow survivors. What you do and what you say can lead to several different situations including the death or continued life of different characters. When Telltale closed, we thought we would never see the ending, but thankfully Skybound Games will be releasing the final two episodes of the last season so get caught up now before they do! The game is not currently available on Steam however you can still play it on Xbox One and PS4.


Released in 2015, Undertale was created, written, published and released by Toby Fox. The player controls a child who has been dropped into the Underground, a sub region under the surface of the Earth that is protected by a magical barrier. Throughout the game the player will complete puzzles, fights and even meet different characters along the way as they make their way home. The player can choose to follow several different paths including subduing or pacifying monsters instead of killing them which in turn impacts character dialogue and future events. There are three distinctive runs a player can partake in, the neutral, the pacifist and the genocide run. Try your hand at all three and tell me which one you think is the easiest! You can play Undertale on PC, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

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Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a horror-choose your own adventure game that follows the story of a group of friends on vacation in the mountains of Western Canada. During game play, you jump back and forth between the eight different players and make some critical decisions that will either help keep them alive until dawn or make it on the deceased list. The game features flash forwards and backs to help tell the story piece by piece and includes an auto save feature. This keeps players from going back and adjusting their choices in order for a better outcome. To change something they either have to restart the game or finish and play again. The game was originally released in 2015 and is exclusive for the PS4. 



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