There is a stereotype in society that men are the only stoners while women are caregivers, however, this does not mean that you will not find female stoners. Although they are rare and it may seem as though it is hard to find a girl that is the right mixture of laid back, cool and funny plus a stoner, they do exist. Women stoners aren’t often portrayed on our screens, however, the very few that we do get to see on our screens often have other things in life that occupy a more important role such as being a mother or perhaps working a full-time job. This blog will explore 5 women who break the stereotype and embrace their love for weed and living life to the fullest while enjoying new strains every now and then.

Jane (Smiley face)

The character of “Jane” from the film Smiley Face is played by famous actress Anna Faris. The film follows the lead character, Jane, as she goes on an adventure after eating cupcakes that contain marijuana. Jane enjoys smoking weed and lives with her roommate, Steve, who one day leaves a plate of laced cupcakes around that Jane proceeds to eat. Apart from eating Steve’s weed-infused cupcakes, Jane also smokes marijuana using a bong. In fact, recently bongs have become more popular in movies, thus the rise in bong sales. Online headshops, such as Grasscity, offer a large selection of bongs and although these are considered a symbol of the 60s, they are still prevalent in modern media.

Nancy (Weeds)   

The character “Nancy” from the popular American comedy-drama Weeds, is played by actress Mary-Louise Parker. The series is about a widow from California that starts to sell marijuana to support herself and her children after her husband dies unexpectedly from a heart attack. Nancy was often portrayed tending to her weed plants and smoking marijuana during some of the scenes of the show.

Melanie (Jackie Brown)

Melanie Ralston in the movie Jackie Brown is played by actress Bridget Fonda. This Quentin Tarantino film is about a woman named Jackie Brown who smuggles money to Los Angeles from Mexico for an arms dealer and gets caught with a large amount of cocaine on her person. The agents who caught her try to initiate a deal where she helps them arrest the dealer she works for in exchange for her freedom but what he’s actually trying to do is get her killed. Jackie suspects the agent is up to no good and starts to plot against him to steal $500 000. Melanie spends a lot of her time smoking weed and she smokes to get high and watch TV.

Michelle (Dazed and confused)

The character Michelle from the 1993 movie Dazed and confused is played by Milla Jovovich. The movie Dazed and Confused is about a bunch of teenagers who celebrate their final day of high school by having a party at a local pool hall and indulging in drugs and alcohol. Marijuana plays a big role in this film because the characters, including Michelle, spend a lot of the movie getting high. Michelle smokes weed because she is simply having fun with her friends at her high school party.

Elizabeth (Bad teacher)

Famous Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz plays the character of Elizabeth in the movie Bad Teacher. The film is about a terrible and incompetent teacher who gets dumped by her sugar daddy. All she wants is to quit her job and marry rich but when she gets dumped, that dream is crushed. At her teaching job, she meets a substitute teacher who is rich and cute, and in her quest to sink her teeth into him, she is met with competition from another popular and perky teacher. Elizabeth smokes weed in the movie because she portrays a character that does all the bad things and weed still carries a stigma in society and is associated with being “bad” a lot of the time.

Men aren’t the only ones who smoke weed. Women love weed too and it is common to find a woman who is a stoner, after all, weed is universally loved and appreciated by all genders in the world. Whether you identify as a man, woman or other, weed is for you.

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