During NYCC, Google held a panel consisting of 5 Batman writers. Had I known of this panel, I would’ve elbowed everyone to get into it. Why? Well, we have some of the great Batman creators talking about Batman. They cover his past, his present and dabble into his future. So just who was on this panel?

The panel consisted of legendary comic creator Frank Miller, current writers Tom King, Tony PatrickJames Tynion IV and Sean Murphy. Love them, hate them or never heard of them, these guys have shaped their stories around The Dark Knight. During the panel, they were asked questions regarding the super-popular character. Questions such as what would a happy Bat-family look like and how much freedom does each writer have on the character plus so many others.

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One of the best things about it was hearing each of the authors opinions on Batman. While a seemingly obvious statement, it’s true that writers come to the character in many different ways. And just hearing about their relationship to the character was great. Not only that, but Miller was a joke factory. The man was letting out quips anytime he could! While almost 50 minutes long, it’s definitely worth hearing what these guys have to say.  Check out the panel below to see for yourself!

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Erin Lynch