Lots of people love to consume cannabis and to make being high on weed even more fun, they often like to play different video and board games

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, there has been a huge demand for board games. Many people have searched through their attics to find their old games while others have purchased classic and new games online. Board games have been important for a lot of us, especially during lockdown to help battle boredom while staying indoors. 

You don’t need to own a games console to play video games nowadays. There are thousands of incredible games available for smart devices and desktop computers too! One of the best things about the internet is that it allows us to play multiplayer games without having to leave the house. If you want to play with your best friend or a family member, all you have to do is connect with them online before you start. 

So, what games are worth playing when you are high as a kite smoking potent cannabis like the TWD strain


FIFA Soccer 2021 is one of the most popular sports games out there. Fifa has been around since the early nineties and it is just as popular as it ever was. You can choose to play with most major football teams on the planet. FIFA owns the rights to most of the best around the globe, so they can use their real name during the game. 

The graphics on the latest edition are second to none. There are several different modes to choose from, including a career mode that is extremely popular. You have the option to play multiplayer games, and you can play against or with your friends online which is one of the best things you can do while stoned. You can enter competitions or you can play friendly matches against people all around the world. Each team has 11 players on the pitch at once, and FIFA allows 10 different players to play on one team at the same time. This means you can have 10 of your friends playing on the same team at the same time. So before you light up a joint or place an order with an online dispensary, make sure all your friends are ready. Communication is key when you are playing with a large number of players so have your headset ready too. 


It’s amazing to think that monopoly can be traced back as far as 1903. It’s hard to imagine the people who invented the game would have predicted that over one hundred years later people would still be playing it. 

Monopoly is one of the biggest board games of all time, and there are plenty of versions available on the market today. You can find it on games consoles, computers and there are lots of different Monopoly apps available too. 

However, Monopoly is known to cause arguments amongst friends and family members. Conflicts usually arise due to the game’s rules, and it can ruin a nice evening. However, the last thing most people want while they are stoned is to get into a fight. Cannabis usually relaxes people, so even if a tense situation occurs, most stoned people can let it slide and look for a straightforward solution. However, before the game begins, it’s probably best to go through the rules first. Cannabis can cause confusion, so reading each of the rules before the game starts can help solve any problems down the line. 

Texas Holdem

There are lots of different poker games out there but Texas Holdem is by far the most popular one. You can play Texas Holdem in real life with friends, family members, or with strangers at a casino or home. All you need is a deck of cards and poker chips to get a game started. Even if you don’t have proper poker chips, there are plenty of other items that you can use as an alternative. The game is available both on and offline too. There are countless Texas Holdem apps for mobile devices and lots of online casinos and social media platforms allow players to play live online against real people. 

When playing poker, you are trying to guess if your opponents have a decent hand or not. At the same time they are trying to analyze you to see if you have good cards. The idea is to throw off your opponent, which is more difficult when that sounds. This is why many people consume cannabis before and during a game of Texas Holdem. A lot of people act indifferent when they are high, so trying to figure out what hand they have is almost impossible. Stoned people often lose focus on what they are doing, so trying to understand what cards they have is very challenging. 

If you are gambling for real money online, it’s probably best to avoid playing while you are under the influence of marijuana. 

Mario Kart

Smoking marijuana while behind the wheel of a vehicle is a terrible idea unless you’re driving a high speed go-kart on Mario Kart! The colorful game has plenty of obstacles and an energetic soundtrack that make it a great game to play while you are smoking weed. Since its release, there have been lots of new editions of the game. There are a wide variety of characters to race with and plenty of different courses to get used to. 

Playing one player is fun, but there is nothing better than smoking pot with friends and challenging each other to a game of Mario Kart. Anything can happen during one of Nintendo’s finest games. Unlike most other games, Mario Kart is not one to be taken too seriously. It’s about surprises, chaos, and fun! The game is ideal for people of all ages, so don’t be afraid to ask your grandmother if she would like to join in. It’s not a game that takes too long to get the hang of, yet some people who have been playing for a long time are often very difficult to beat. 


Operation is another classic board game that has been around since 1964. To win the battery operated board game each player is dealt cards and they have to remove body parts from the patient with tiny tweezers. The game is great fun but it can prove extremely challenging, especially if you are playing while you are stoned. Any sudden movement can cost you the game. You have to remove the body parts very slowly, and staying composed high on weed is not that easy. 


Smoking weed and playing games is awesome, but cannabis can also help you to be more creative. So instead of spending hours in front of a screen playing games, why not consider making your own game instead? Instead of spending a lot of money on a new Monopoly set, why not make your own Monopoly game about the area you live in? You don’t need a lot of material, only some cardboard, and paper. Don’t hesitate others to help you create the game as it might be a lot of fun, especially while you are stoned!


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