With major and incredible thanks to Batman-News, we now have 5 more clips and behind the scenes footage from Wonder Woman, provided by Warner Bros. The clips give a variety of scenes from the film, ranging from Themyscira training to debating with Steve Trevor! Since the film is 2 weeks away, you can avoid these if you wish. But if you’re craving more footage like I am, these are very much worth the watch!

The first clip shows Diana training on Themyscira with her mother looking on. The second clip shows Steve and Diana arguing with a dash of lasso usage. The third shows Etta and Steve trying to get Diana to give up her sword and shield while she walks the streets of London. The next shows Diana showing off her gaunlet skills against a group of men. The final clip is majorly action packed as Diana takes charge, leaving the men behind as she battles a room of soldiers.

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If all that footage wasn’t enough, WB also shared their B-roll footage from the film. While dialogue isn’t always there, we get to hear additional lines. It also contains a lot more glimpses at scenes. Not only do we see more scenes, we also see Patty Jenkins‘ directing style, laughs on the set with the charming Chris Pine and Gal Gadot, and more. It’s one of the more entertaining B-rolls I’ve seen. And with all these clips, I’m even more confident I’m going to love the film.

What do you think of all the clips below? Are you that much more excited for Wonder Woman? Let us know! Wonder Woman will be in theaters on June 2nd.

And here’s the B-roll!

Erin Lynch