NYCC 2021 rolled along on Saturday with a panel from The CW’s 4400, a reimagining of Scott Peters and Renee Echevarria’s mid-aughts sci-fi series The 4400

Here’s a brief synopsis courtesy of The CW:

Over the last century, at least four thousand four hundred people who were overlooked, undervalued or otherwise marginalized vanished without a trace off the face of the planet. Last night, inexplicably, they were all returned in an instant to Detroit having not aged a day and with no memory of what happened to them.

As the government races to understand the phenomenon, analyze the potential threat, and contain the story, an empathetic social worker (Joseph David-Jones) and hardened community corrections officer (Ireon Roach) are among the civil servants called upon to deal with the uncanny refugees.

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Showrunners Ariana Jackson and Sunil Nayar moderate a panel featuring stars Brittany Adebumola (Shanice), David-Jones (Jharrel), Roach (Keisha), T.L. Thompson (Andre), Jaye Ladymore (Claudette), Derrick A. King (Rev Johnson), Khailah Johnson (LaDonna), Cory Jeacoma (Logan), Amarr (Hayden) and Autumn Best (Mildred).

The panel opens with the cast introducing themselves and revealing who they play on 4400. We learn about each decade these characters originate from before they reappear in 2021, and they span from the 1920s to 2015. 

Nayar asks the group what they’re most excited for viewers to see, and David-Jones notes his excitement regarding the show’s diverse representation.

Still of cast of The CW's 4400 NYCC 2021

4400 — “Past is Prologue” Pictured (L-R): Jaye Ladymore as Claudette, TL Thompson as Andre Davis, Khailah Johnson as LaDonna Landry, Derrick A. King as Rev. Isaiah Johnston and Brittany Adebumola as Shanice Murray — Photo: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

“I’m very excited for people to see the relationships that form between these people from different times in the world. They’re very strange and serendipitous … all these people from different walks of life and walks of time find common ground,” Johnson adds. 

“I love Black love — I enjoy getting to see these characters just be loved on and give so much love to their partners,” Adebumola says. 

Roach reveals she’s ready for people who identify with her to see science-fiction that “bleeds into the world we live in.” King talks about how the audience discovers these characters’ new powers alongside them. Nayar piggybacks off King’s comment by noting they don’t automatically shoulder the superhero mantle — there are implications to these newfound abilities, and the show explores that.

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“I’ve never seen sci-fi with this much melanin,” Thompson says. That’s part of what makes 4400 so groundbreaking. 

Jackson asks the cast if they share any similarities with their characters. Ladymore shares Claudette’s fiery spirit and fierce loyalty to her loved ones. Best relates to Mildred’s quest to make friends in a brand new city as a young woman fresh out of the family nest. 

Still of T.L. Thompson and Jaye Ladymore in The CW's 4400

4400 — “Past is Prologue” — Image Pictured (L-R): TL Thompson as Andre and Jaye Ladymore as Claudette — Photo: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

“I feel like I relate to Hayden because, for a long time, I underestimated myself,” Amarr reveals. 

Nayar wonders whether the crew boasts unknown unique talents. David-Jones reveals he’s perpetually five minutes late (I can relate to that), and King notes he’s an advanced air guitarist, pianist and drummer.

Meanwhile, Jeacoma sings and plays guitar and Johnson doles out a mean Cher impression. 

After the group discusses how shooting in a pandemic strengthened their bond, the panel ends with an impromptu performance of the cast’s 4400-themed rap song, and it serves as a nice button to the proceedings. 

4400 premieres Monday, October 25, at 9 pm on The CW.

Are you excited about this innovative reimagining (FYI: I am!)? Sound off in the comments below!

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