There are a lot of reasons why comic book characters have been loved by fans throughout the decades and continue to capture the hearts of old ones and new fans alike. The characters are multi-dimensional, the villains can be as relatable as the heroes, and old characters are always given a new spin to them, making everything fresh again and opening doors for more possibilities when it comes to stories and character development. With that being said, people relate to the character in a lot of ways, and one of them is their set of skills and interests that could be similar to what they have what they want, or what they think is cool.

This includes the interest in gambling betting and the risk that comes with it, and this applies especially to fans that are also gamblers. As an online bettor, one of the things you need to know is if the site or app you are getting on is a legit one, and sites like Casino Whizz can help you make sure of that. Bur before you do tour thing and play, here are some of the most iconic comic book characters that either are gamblers in their own stories or have the great potential of becoming a good gambler.

The Joker (DC Comics)

The inclusion of The Joke in this list is a no-brainer. After all, the character himself has been named after the most intriguing card in the deck of cards. In his many iterations and stories, The Joker proved to have one of the key skills when it comes to gambling–the ability to lay out an extensive plan and predict the moves of your adversary.

This trait made him the most iconic Batman villain and has even managed to manipulate and trick other heroes including Superman.

Professor X (Marvel Comics)

What could be the best ability than to be able to read minds? You can’t do that in real life, which is why if you plan to find a good online casino, visiting sites like Onlinecasino2 is a must for helpful insights.

But for X-Men founder Dr. Charles Xavier aka Professor X, this won’t be a problem. If he would want to, he can read the minds of everyone at a poker table, and even see through the thoughts of a dealer in a game of blackjack. On the other hand, Professor X had always been written as a man of ethics and principles, which would mean that him cheating his way using his abilities is very unlikely.

Gambit (Marvel Comics)

From his name and his weapon of choice–which is playing cards that he charges with kinetic energy–you can tell right away that Remy LeBeau aka Gambit is into gambling.

This mutant character got his name during his prison time under William Stryker, wherein he always beat the guards in a game of poker. His mutant powers have nothing to do with it, though, as he can be able to charge matter with bio-kinetic energy that can be used for explosions.

Harvey Dent aka Two-Face (DC Comics)

Harvey Dent from the Batman franchise is a gambler of some level, although it was never meant to be one of his main interests. However, his father had always been depicted to be an abusive gambling addict, to which his famous coin has been attributed to have come.

In several versions of the character, Two-Face is often found with a coin that has only one print on both sides of it, making the fate of his victims definite and final. In live-action, this was shown in The Dark Knight movies.


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