Nerd rooms are everywhere. From basement workshops to man caves, it seems that the most popular place for men to spend their time is in their own personal space filled with things they like.

But what if you’re a girl? For a lot of geek girls, the idea of creating a true nerd room can seem intimidating. It’s not just about having the physical space and the funds to make your nerdy happen. It’s also about understanding how to create a nerdy space that’s uniquely “you”. Here are some simple ways you can start making your own nerd room today.

Stay Simple, Avoid Clutter

If your nerd-girl cave will double as a home office, don’t make your room look like a comic book shop struck by a hurricane. When you’re using Minecraft furniture, you can’t have the Marvel Universe table arrangement. Choose a theme and stick to it – at least until you’re ready to switch up your home décor.

Handcrafted items are a great way to change up your décor! Hand-crafted items, whether a geeky desk item or pixel wall art, reflect your individual character as a player. Custom geeky decors are also great conversation starters. It doesn’t only look cool; it also reflects who you are, and you can proudly display it.

Whatever you do, you should always be consistent; otherwise, the chic geek combination would look to be more like a tornado struck the room. If you like quirky furniture and lighting, add more trendy accents around the space. For a touch of femininity, you can add a nice, simple bouquet flower arrangement to your desk. Flowers will wilt eventually, so you can order flowers from The Bouqs and check out their scheduled delivery plans.

It can be difficult to say no to every item from your favorite franchise. However, it will not only be a significant drain on your bank account, but it will also make your room seem overly crowded.

Refuse the temptation to spend $10 on small pieces of art here and there. Save this money and spend $100 on something you really want. This allows you to display one main geeky item that pulls everything together, rather than a scattered assembly of small items.

Display Your Cosplay

To turn a space into a geeky atmosphere, the designer should think of it as a gallery that is more than just wall art and figures.

If you’re a true geek, you might incorporate your cosplay outfits into your deco, such as a Skyrim helmet you made from scratch or some great steampunk goggles. Don’t put these items in the closet because they may add an engaging dramatic vibe to your room when hung casually on a coat rack or door.

Other types of interior design may always be emphasized as the geek-chic interior design evolves. However, by making a few changes, they may be mixed together. Especially when it comes to matching with antique furniture, fantasy maps are a great touch.

A fantasy map with an antique look will really complement dark wood furniture, if you’re going for an adventurer-explorer theme.

Small Space? Segment It Up

A visual barrier for a living room is required in some small areas, such as studio apartments. Don’t squander what may be a fantastic opportunity to add extra storage. Instead of a tiny divider, consider a bookcase or other storage solution so that your divider can cope as well as visually separate space into useful sections.

When you’re working with a small space, there are several ways to visually reduce clutter while giving the room a larger appearance, such as:

  • Place large furniture items against walls instead of in open spaces.
  • Coordinate wall and furniture colours to blend together.
  • Use reflective furniture surfaces or hang a large mirror against the wall.

When hung properly, a large framed mirror can really make a room seem larger as it creates an illusion of depth, and more space than you actually have.


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