It’s peak television time and it’s hard to keep track of your shows! Of course, you can start a notepad, record which films you want to watch and mark which ones you have already seen. However, it takes a lot of time. As a result, you are too lazy to keep a list. Here is a list of applications that will not let you get confused about the many series out there and help you keep track of the release of new episodes!

1. Use apps (best on iOS)



Let’s face it: people like to watch what others are watching and follow other people’s recommendations. Otherwise, there would be no social networks. Tweek makes good use of this weakness by aggregating all the movie activities of your friends on Facebook. Therefore, you will always be up to date on film and television trends and will be able to pull up the knowledge necessary to maintain a conversation in real life. But it’s unlikely that many of your friends seriously like Facebook movies and TV shows.

If you are tired after classes and want to relax while watching your favorite movie but you still have to finish your paper assignments, browse through essays on literature from this trusted site and get inspired in order to finish your job in time. That’s a great solution for inveterate movie lovers.

iTV Shows 3

iTV Shows 3 is a worldwide application available in 13 languages. It contains detailed information about the series, including the number of awards, cast and more. In addition, the application takes into account the user’s time zone, to keep track of tv shows and movies watched viewing statistics and it even has a version for the Apple Watch (in case someone uses them).


Teevee also provides notifications of new series. In the settings, you can create a personal list of your favorite TV shows and change the look of the program.


2. Use apps for Android



SeriesGuide allows you to track tv shows, watched series and quickly learn about new releases, as well as rate your favorite (hated) shows. What is nice, the application can work without an Internet connection and does not require authorization. Additional advantages include detailed information about each episode of any series (synopsis, castes, average rating, etc.)


3. Use best apps on Windows Phone



In general, this application was worth opening our list. It is easy to use, even easier than writing a literature essay. The database contains more than 10,000 series, broken down by genre, year, TV channel, country, and many other parameters.

The extensive features of MyShows allow you to create your own lists of TV shows, set ratings, find out about new episodes and follow your favorite TV shows of friends. Also, the user can calculate how many hours (years?) from spent on watching TV shows.

Prime TV

Prime TV is a godsend for Windows Phone users. In addition to standard functions, the developer implemented a “live tile”. After fixing on the start page, the “tile” shows which series will be aired soon, and the background image will be a splash screen for one of these series.

The application has a beautiful and convenient interface, as well as various pleasant little things in the design.

And finally, the Must app

The Must App is a beautiful notebook with your movies. The service helps to make a list of films and TV shows for the future, create a collection of the watched, informs about the latest trailers and recommends interesting collections. The idea was born a very long time ago against the background of a million records, notes, Word files with lists of films that I watched or want to watch. However, storing and sharing this was impossible. Yes,  iMDB has such functionality, but it is in the backyards, you need to get to it through the curvature of the interface, and in general, these services are about something else. It is not the same, just like in the literature essay examples.


Hopefully,  this list will be useful to you. Use it and enjoy watching your favorite shows.