Automation hasn’t always been a common feature of our day-to-day lives. There used to be a time when you would have to remember to re-order ink and paper in advance of your printer running out each month. Maybe you had to mark a day on your calendar to pay a certain bill or set alarms to remind you when to send emails to certain people in the office. Thankfully, as technology has grown more intelligent, the options for automation have increased along with it. Today, you can automate various aspects of your life, from making sure that you’re stocked up on important office supplies, to ensuring that all of your bills are handled on time. Here are just 3 of the ways that you can make life easier with automation.

Set Recurring Orders for Products You Need

We all have items in our lives that we use all the time. It might be toilet paper, kitchen roll, paper for your printer, or something else entirely. There are few things more annoying than going to grab a product you need to find that you’ve run out yet again. Running to the shop closest to you for a fresh supply can be an inconvenient and expensive process. Fortunately, plenty of online stores and marketplaces now allow you to set up recurring orders that go out every month, or three months. You can choose the items you want to add to your regular shopping list, and just stop your subscription when you don’t need them anymore. Amazon even offers buttons that you can press when you want to order something instantly.

Consider Subscription Services

Subscription services are the new must-have of the digital landscape. Most of us are subscribed to at least a few things already, such as Netflix or streaming solutions. You can also subscribe to other things that make your life a little easier, like having a fresh box of food delivered to your home every week or arranging for a flower subscription to keep your home looking and smelling fresh. Flower subscriptions from sites like are excellent when you’re looking for a unique gift for a loved one that lasts all year around. If you’re thinking of sending happy birthday flowers, you can even find a guide to tell you what each blossom means. However, they can also be an excellent tool for ensuring that you can freshen up the vases around your home without having to remember to pick up flowers with your regular shopping.

Use Smart Appliances

Finally, smart tools are some of the most fantastic examples of using automation to transform the way you live. Today, you can have a smart app on your phone that automatically unlocks your door when you approach it, or a smart system in your home that automatically checks the temperature in your rooms and turns your heating up when it gets too cold. Through the apps that come connected to smart appliances, you can set up all kinds of “if this then that” arrangements. For instance, whenever you come home and say a certain word, your smart speaker could turn your heating up, turn on your games console, or start a certain song playing. You can even arrange your lights to automatically turn off when you get into bed.