Finding the perfect gift for a special friend is always a tough choice. But, fans of the fantasy genre are easy to shop for. They are dreamers who are in touch with their inner selves and tuned with the mysteries of the spiritual world. You’ll never lack a good, original gift for a friend who’s fascinated with the idea of parallel multiverses where events occur for a reason, and unseen, unheard shadows flit just outside the field of normal human vision. If you’ve been looking for gift ideas, here are a few options that they are sure to love.

Tarot Divination Cards

For those who understand them, tarot divination cards can provide direction and answers to life’s questions. Their influence also appears in countless fantasy worlds from Dungeons and Dragons adventures to Discworld novels.

Each deck comprises 78 cards with images that tell a story with symbols and mysticism that dates back to the middle ages. Tarot cards can also have themes designed by the maker, like, for instance, mermaid tarot cards or animal tarot cards. Twenty-two of the cards represent principles and concepts and are considered major arcana, while the remaining 56 have four main suits and are called minor arcana. When you have a query, you’ll pick three cards, and the reader will study them. Using their unique intuition, the reader will reveal what direction you should take.

Customized Tees and Sweatshirts

Your friend likely has a favorite book or movie character that fascinates them. Like, for instance, the complete series of Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, or the Lord of the Rings. You’ve likely had long, passionate discussions of how badly the grand finale of Game of Thrones was handled or about the inconsistencies with Gandalf’s character. Maybe they even love their favorite enough to write some fan fiction. The perfect gift idea for the fan fiction writers in your life would be a custom crew neck sweatshirt printed with a quote or image. Imagine the excitement when they realize their own stories have appeared in the real world.

Delightful Jewelry

Check online and you can find necklaces, brooch pins, rings, and charm bracelets from famous books. You could get The Golden Compass Alethiometer necklace from His Dark Materials or the distinctive and brooch pin from the Game of Thrones. You could also order a charm bracelet with the miniature Horcruxes from the Harry Potter series or the entire solar system in sterling silver.

Finding gifts for your fantasy genre fans is the easiest thing to do. Try these ideas and delight them with your thoughtful gesture.