Dog's Purpose One Sheet

Today is National Dog Day and Universal decided it would be the best day to drop a trailer that is basically about a dog dying over and over again.  I don’t even know what to do with this.

A Dog’s Purpose is supposed to be the heartwarming movie of a dog and a boy.  Boy grows up with dog, dog dies, end of sad story.  Not quite, in this movie the dog reincarnates over and over again with the purpose of helping people with each incarnation.  Hence the title.  This goes on for a while until he finally reincarnates and, apparently, finds his original boy all grown up and old and being played by Dennis Quaid.

I guess the boy and the dog learn from each other and maybe the dog and the other people he helps learn from each other as well.  Here’s the problem, I don’t like watching animal deaths in movies and this one has the potential to take us through several heart breaking pet deaths.  Seriously, I don’t know who thought this was a good idea, this is the stuff of nightmares.  Real world nightmares.

The movie is based on a book of the same name by W. Bruce Cameron.  In book form I’m more than happy for this kind of subject to be explored, that is one of the fantastic things about the written word and fiction in general.  However, it is not something I want to watch on the big screen packaged up as a feel good movie.  I don’t need to cry through several puppy deaths.

Maybe later trailers will tell us exactly how many tissues this movie will require.  Or maybe the movie plans to gloss over all the sad stuff and just go right for the feel good part of the feels.

Based on the beloved bestselling novel by W. Bruce Cameron, A Dog’s Purpose, from director Lasse Hallström (The Cider House Rules, Dear John, The 100-Foot Journey), shares the soulful and surprising story of one devoted dog (voiced by Josh Gad) who finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he teaches to laugh and love. The family film told from the dog’s perspective also stars Dennis Quaid, Britt Robertson, K.J. Apa, John Ortiz, Juilet Rylance, Luke Kirby, Peggy Lipton and Pooch Hall.

A Dog’s Purpose hits theaters January 27, 2017.  Make sure you stock up on tissues if you plan to go.


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