Entertainment Weekly announced this morning that CBS and Mattel have joined forces, in honor of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, to create three barbies: Uhura, Spock and James T. Kirk. It’s interesting that they didn’t round out the rest of the crew, I mean where’s Scotty, Bones and Chekov? I’ll have to do it old school and turn Ken into one of the other characters, like when I turned Ken into Magnum P.I. 

They have a very 1960’s Barbie look to them, which is great, and will be avail be for $34.95 later this month.

I also mentioned that  MAC Cosmetics will launch a Star Trek line at San Diego Comic-Con next month in celebration of the 50th anniversary. I cannot wait for that!!!


EW also mentions several other fun, Trekkie things, that will be available this year including a live event series called Trek Talk that will cover topics like:

Our Single World – Envisioning a future multicultural universe

The Prime Directive – Exploring our universe, ethically

Trek Tech – Examining Star Trek’s impact on the information age    

A Trek Economy – Evaluating Star Trek’s economy to address world issues

Science of Star Trek – Recognizing Trek’s influence on scientific exploration

A Star Trek Society – Addressing our world’s issues for 50 years

Thinking Boldly – Today’s philosophical issues in Trek’s tomorrow

The Final Frontier – Star Trek’s 50-year influence on the space industry 

AND if all this isn’t enough, please listen to Booze And Phasersour newest podcast which is hilarious and boozey!


Live Long And Prosper!

[via EW]

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