Can you believe it? Only two years ago, Overwatch hit the gaming world and took it by storm. During this time, we’ve seen several seasonal events, 5 new characters, and the Overwatch League emerge. Blizzard has worked effortlessly to create new and engaging content for their community, so it’s no surprise the success that Overwatch has garnered over time. And now, to celebrate these two monumental years, we get an Overwatch Anniversary Event! Here’s what you can look forward to May 22nd-June 11th. 


The 2018 Overwatch Anniversary Event features 50 new cosmetics for players to unlock and purchase! Included are 11 new skins with fresh looks for newcomers Doomfist and Brigette, Sherlock Holmes McCree, and more! New dance emotes, voice lines, and sprays are included in the event as well. Finally, ALL previous event cosmetics will be available during the Anniversary event! Have your eyes on a skin or emote that you weren’t able to grab in the past? Still want Witch Mercy, Nutcracker Zenyatta, or Blackwatch Moira? You’ve got three weeks to acquire them! 


Similar to cosmetics, all previous Brawls and Stages are available during the event! So if you love Junkenstein’s Revenge, or simply want to take down some Omnics in Uprising, now’s your chance to play again! Likewise, Chateau Guillard will be a competitive Deathmatch map during the Anniversary Event. And speaking of Deathmatches maps…

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While there are no event-specific Brawl modes, there is a shiny new Deathmatch Map for the Anniversary: Petra. Players will explore these ancient ruins as they dodge in and out of caverns, or take to the skies in open areas. Additionally, Petra features green jump pads that will boost players into higher map locations and a section where the ground will crumble away revealing a treacherous pit! Heroes Beware, other players aren’t your only worry in this map!

The 2018 Overwatch Anniversary Event runs May 22-June 11. The World Needs Heroes. Well…what are you waiting for? 

Check out the official 2018 Overwatch Anniversary Event video below!

[Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment]



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