We love a good Yule Log video here at GGA. 2020 has been a difficult year and now, when the holidays are meant to bring cheer, we find ourselves skipping holiday parties and family get-togethers in order to stay safe. With this being the case, we can still bring the joy of the holiday season into our homes with our 2020 selection of Yule Log videos!

Here’s our 2021 Yule Log list with new additions! | 19 Geeky, Creative and Classic Yule Log Videos for the Holidays

This year’s list has a fireplace for just about every mood. We have nerdy yule logs, funny yule logs and traditional ones. We have classics from years past and new 2020 additions to the list. We’ve included yule log videos where the fire exudes warmth and the wood pops and crackles, and videos that will just make you giggle. So whether you’re reading a book, having a Zoom holiday cocktail hour, treat yourself with a little comfort with one of these videos.

Happy Holidays!

Protomole-Yule Log

Nice! Combining the protomolecule with a good old fashion holiday fire, Amazon Prime has given us The Expanse holiday Yule Log video. Be careful, it reaches out…

Doctor Who Festive Holiday Yule Log – Christmas on the Tardis

This Doctor Who vista is lovely and comforting with little surprises throughout. I want that train set!


Men in Kilts

Nothing much to say here except this Men in Kilts Yule Log is a lovely watch.

LEGO Yule Log

Baby Yoda/Grogu Yule Log

Three Broomsticks Inn – Harry Potter Hogsmeade Ambience ASMR


Wizarding World

Animal Crossings New Horizons Yule Log

Forged in Fire Yule Log

Norbert’s Cozy Yule Log Video

I mean, this dog. It’s little tongue. He’s so cute.


Ozzy Osborne

An hour and thirteen minutes of Ozzy, why not?




The Fraser’s fireplace in Outlander. You can even spot the kitty, Adso.

Nick Offerman’s ‘Yule Log’ – Ten Hour Version

Eye of Sauron Yule Log – Five Hours

Darth Vader Yule Log Five – Hours

Hobbiton Movie Set Fireplace Ambience featuring Pickles the Cat!

Our 2019 List of Geeky, Fun Yule Log Videos to Bring the Holiday Cheer

Spice up Your Holiday with the Blizzard Hearthstone Murloc Yule Log