Like our fellow dice goblins within the TTRPG community, we love dice. We love small dice, big dice, shiny dice, clickity clacky dice – you name it, we love it. We recently had the absolute pleasure to check out and add a new set from 12 Parsecs Designs’ upcoming Little Worlds Dice Kickstarter, and we couldn’t be happier. The Yggdrasil set is a pretty pink color, perfect for the Old God, and features a clear side in which a token is seen. They are incredibly unique in style and a must-have for any collector.

But we didn’t just get to play with our new favorite dice set; we also got the chance to chat with 12 Parsecs Designs’ Deny Trudel. Check out everything he shared about his love for the TTRPG community, his upcoming Little Worlds Dice Kickstarter and bringing 12 Parsecs Designs to life.

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12 Parsecs Designs’ Deny Trudel

12 Parsecs Designs Dice

Julia Roth: What brought you to the TTRPG table?

Deny Trudel: I’ve been a big nerd my whole life. It started with my forever love of video games. Then morphed into choose-your-own-adventure youth books, board games, comic books, and anything creative. It eventually led me to the TTRPG world, though maybe later than most. My brother is the real TTRPG geek, and he introduced me to tabletop gaming like Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer.

JR: How did 12 Parsecs Designs come to be?

DT: When the pandemic hit, like lots of people, I went through an existential crisis and started looking for more control over my life. So I looked at what skills I could monetize and what things I was passionate about. I started with a t-shirt design business, and it just naturally evolved from there. A few chance meetings with awesome suppliers and partners, and here we are!

JR: Where do you get your ideas for designs for everything from sweatshirts to notebooks to table covers?

DT: Most of what I design comes from some form of interest on my part. If I’m not a fan, I won’t design it. I come from a punk rock background from the 90s, and we had to do everything ourselves (no interwebs!). That DIY creativity permeates my current designs. If it’s geeky, it’s all good. I am also driven to give people what they want, and you would be amazed how many dice goblins are creeping around out there! And with good reason. My fave current set is a basic acrylic 2-tone pearl set. Simple, basic, beautiful.

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JR: Let’s chat about your upcoming Kickstarter! Can you give us a brief description of The Little Worlds dice sets?

DT: Little Worlds Dice came from my desire to build a custom collection of dice that stood out for their unique features and reflected me and my art. The scenes are all “gateways” into nostalgic realms of my childhood memories. I didn’t want to sell the same dice as everyone else; I wanted to add something unique to the world of TTRPGs.


JR: You are kicking the series off with six different styles. How did you decide what to go with?

DT: I set out to design scenes “hidden” in the dice that reflect some aspect of my childhood memories. You have to look closely to see all the tiny details, but they also look great at a distance. All of the images transport me back to worlds I would create in my mind as a kid trying to navigate through an unstable home life. I’d hide under blankets or in the deep corners of a closet and pretend to be off to another world like Alice in Wonderland or Narnia. And in those personal universes, I was exposed to the cosmic horrors or Cthulhu, samurai warriors, Viking mythology, ancient forests, and all manner of wonderful places.

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JR: Are there plans for a second series in the future?

DT: I have some plans, yes, but everything will be decided by the fans when we launch the Kickstarter. So far, the pre-launch response has been phenomenal, and I’m hopeful we’ll be able to develop a second part of the collection.

12 Parsecs Designs Dice

JR: How do these dice differ from the ones already listed on your site?

DT: These are unique because the technique used to insert the images hasn’t been used in other sets; they truly are unique. All of the designs come directly from my brain. When you get a set of Little Worlds Dice, you’re really getting a limited-run set of dice. You will only get Little Worlds Dice from 12PD.

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JR: Are a limited number of sets being made? Or will they be available after the Kickstarter is over?

DT: Right now, we’re not limiting the sets for the Kickstarter. We’ll have enough for everyone who pledges, and we have backup capacity as well. We’ll have to figure out if we produce a limited run after the Kickstarter has ended. Best to get in early, though, and make sure you don’t miss out!!! 😉

JR: Where can players find more information on the Kickstarter?

DT: You can visit our Little Worlds Dice landing page or website.

JR: What are you most excited to see in the future of the TTRPG community?

DT: You know, as controversial of a topic as this may be, I’m really excited about the impact AI will have in the space. There’s an endless world of possibilities with AI, and though many focus on the fears it evokes, I prefer to focus on the positive evolution it will have for gaming and gamers. So many applications, from random and instant character builds to encounter generation, to assist DMs in their storytelling or the incorporation of VR and AR in the games. There’s so much cool stuff coming; it’s almost too much for a nerd to bear!

This review was originally published on 7/11/23.

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