Practicing social distancing has us staying home and trying to pass the time until we can get back to our normal lives. A great way to do that while relaxing is to read. My favorite things to read? Webtoons! The artwork, the stories, the feelings they evoke are just simply amazing. With so many updating every day, you have several options to choose from. Here is another list of 10 webtoon comics I highly recommend checking out!

Gourmet Hound

Ever imagine what having super strength and smell would be like? Well, Lucy here knows it all! Now, she isn’t a superhero, but just a girl looking to find the chef who made her last birthday meal with her grandmother. Leehama’s Gourmet Hound will have you laughing, crying and then laughing some more. 

Gourmet Hound is complete and can be found here!

Lucy from Webtoon comic Gourmet Hound.


What if you could end a terrifying war just by marrying your sworn enemy? Clove knows this choice all too well. She is off to the neighboring country to marry a man she has never met. What could make this story more enticing? The fact that Kyro isn’t evil and that the royal family has the ability to transform into dragons! Junepurr has done such a beautiful job bringing this story to life.

SubZero updates every Monday and can be found here!

True Beauty

What if you could change the way you look with just some makeup? Jugyeong has certainly nailed it! So much to the point that no one knows her if she isn’t wearing makeup. But how far will she go to live a normal life and hide her real image from the world? Yaongyi True Beauty is a heartwarming story with everything we would expect from a K-drama! 

True Beauty updates every Wednesday and can be found here!

Age Matters

Rose is a thirty-year-old romantic who can kick some serious butt. She finds herself in a weird position when she agrees to house sit for a friend and ends up employed by Daniel, a young millionaire, and inventor of a majorly popular social network platform. Age Matters has hit the end of their first season and Enjelicious has us all hooked!

Age Matters is currently on hiatus but normally updates every Wednesday. Catch up on Season 1 here!

The Witch and The Bull

After the war between witches and humans comes to an end, things seem rather peaceful. Until Tan, an adviser to the king, is turned into a bull and runs away with one of the most hated witches, Aro. The two set out to try and break the spell and change Tan’s opinions on witches. Moonsia has an enchanting art style and The Witch and The Bull is mesmerizing to read.

The Witch and The Bull updates every Thursday and can be found here!

Webtoon comic The Witch and The Bull featuring Aro and Tan.

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Soul On Hold

Ayden is rocking a pretty rough looking scar. But news flash, only he can see it! That is until his favorite barista Maggie can see it too! Not only that, but she is also sporting her own scar. Both have their own voice just hanging out in their heads. The rough part about all of this? Both will die on their 30th birthday and Ayden’s is closing in. Austen Marie’s webtoon Soul On Hold has reached the end of Season 1 so you have all the time to catch up!

Soul On Hold is currently on hiatus but normally updates every Wednesday! Catch up on Season 1 here.


Muted is an LGBTQ+ supernatural web drama that everyone needs to read! On Camile’s 21st birthday she performs a ritual in order to summon a winged demon that will help her family’s success and prosperity. When things go awry, it unravels a whole history hidden from Camile. Miranda Mundt’s art style and storytelling help bring this story to life.

Muted just finished up Season 1 and will begin Season 2 starting in May and will update regularly every Friday. Catch up on Season 1 here!

Zero Game

In Zero Game those whose lives have fallen apart can have the possibility of a lifetime. Join a game where you obtain special abilities and compete in said game. If you win, you get to restart your life and do it all over. If you die then you lose. After the death of her parents, Hanna receives an invitation and jumps right in but things aren’t exactly what they appear. Zelbasen knows how to tell an engaging story full of action and suspense!

Zero Game releases every Tuesday and can be found here!

Webtoon Zero Game.

Devil Number Four

Hanna is down on her luck and out of money when a handsome man shows up and promises her the world. The catch? She just has to sign a contract giving him her soul. This devil just wants to get his job done, but Hanna isn’t willing to give it up that easily. Things start to change as the devil spends more time with Hanna and thus begs the question, can devils fall in love? Jangjin and Woombeee work together to bring Devil Number Four to life. 

Devil Number Four updates every Wednesday and can be found here!

The Wolfman of Wulvershire

Lady Carina would rather be anywhere but the annual Spring Fling wine and dine at Duke Wulvershire. She has no interest in getting married, being a wife, and eventual baby-factory. But things go south when people start getting murdered. Does she have it in her to make it out alive? Who is this wolfman? The Wolfman of Wulvershire by K. Oliver is a story of mystery and suspense with just the right amount of humor.

The Wolfman of Wulvershire updates every Tuesday and can be found here!

What webtoon comics are you enjoying during your social distancing time? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!

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This article was originally published 3/23/20




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