Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re into boys like I am, the perfect guy for dating is someone tall, handsome, and really nice. Perhaps he’s a character in your favorite Webtoon. Or Webtoons if you are like me. There are so many of them to choose from! Not to worry, I’ve come up with a list of the 10 ten best Webtoon boyfriends primed for date night this  Valentine’s Day. Now, several Webtoons have multiple choices, so we are keeping the list to one per franchise. So get your chocolates, your fancy dinner reservations, your flowers, and your Webtoon boyfriend for a romantic night of epic proportions!

Please be mindful that there might be some possible spoilers down below, so swoon with caution.

Graham – Gourmet Hound

He is a cook, knows how to make amazing coffee, and a great friend! Of course Graham from Gourmet Hound is on our list. He has spent his time helping Lucy, the main character of this food-filled Webtoon, discover who was responsible for cooking her birthday dinner at her favorite restaurant. See, such a great friend! I bet you that he would have the best Valentine’s Day planned out just for the two of you. Oh and I forgot to mention. He loves dogs! Such a winner!

Gourmet Hound is written and illustrated by Leehama with releases every Sunday.

Kyro – SubZero

This prince has some pretty big mysteries behind him, but deep down he really is such a great guy. All he wants is peace between kingdoms and an end to this war. Of course he is buff, good looking, and quite charming as well. But the big winner with Kyro is the fact that he can transform into a massive red dragon! Forget waiting in traffic or even having to pick a restaurant nearby, he can just whisk you away to a small romantic village and maybe you can reenact the famous scene from Aladdin minus the magic carpet.

SubZero is written and illustrated by Junepurrr with releases every Monday.

Kieran – Purple Hyacinth

He is charming, well dressed and always has a fresh flower on hand. Let’s just ignore the fact that he is one of the most notorious assassins from the crime group Phantom Scythe. Just gloss right on over that. Kieran is really charming though, so he might be able to win you over regardless. He’s also a fantastic dancer and looks pretty dashing in a suit. He knows the night life like the back of his hand, so be prepared for a fun filled evening.

Purple Hyacinth is written by Ephemerys, illustrated by Sophism, and releases every Tuesday.

Daniel Yoon- Age Matters

Is it because he’s a billionaire? Or that he’s young and handsome? Who am I kidding, it’s everything! Just don’t ever work for him, because you know he has some rules against employees dating! He can fly you almost anywhere and with his popularity, I bet he can get the best reservations where ever you want to go. Just be careful because being famous also brings lots of drama and models just throwing themselves at him. But he’s worth it!

Age Matters is written and illustrated by Enjelicious and releases every Wednesday.

Seojun – True Beauty

Ever wanted a boyfriend who looked just like he belonged in a Korean boy band? Well, look no further than Seojun. He can sing, he can model, and he can dance. What can’t he do? He has terrific taste, which means any outfits or jewelry he picks out will be perfect. A sweet serenade and a night out on the town are typical date night activities for a Korean pop star. 

True Beauty is written and illustrated by Yaongyi and releases every Wednesday.

Seojun from True Beauty Webtoon

Dieter – I Love Yoo

There are a lot of guys in I Love Yoo but when it all comes down to it, Dieter is your man. This German transfer student is just too adorable to ignore. He is a great friend and even better date. Love giant teddy bears? He will get you one! Love to ride the Ferris wheel? He will accompany you and be a gentleman the entire time. He also knows martial arts so if someone were to try and attack you, he would protect you. Just give our little Dieter a shot and you won’t ever regret it.

I Love Yoo is written and illustrated by Quimchee and releases every Friday.

Hades – Lore Olympus

He is the god of the Underworld. Tall, dark, handsome, wealthy, and absolutely loves dogs. I know he has this on and off thing with some nymphs and other goddesses and has some pretty odd family members, but I promise he’s worth it. He is also quite the culinary expert which means you might just get a special home cooked meal for Valentine’s. Tired of the Underworld? He can take you up to the surface to hang out among the living. Whatever you want, Hades can provide.

Lore Olympus is written and illustrated by Rachel Smythe and releases every Sunday.

Hades from Webtoon Lore Olympus

Tora – Midnight Poppy Land

Ignore how scary and serious he looks. Deep down Tora is a sweet gentleman who just wants to take care of his friends. He’s also a fan of the gym and if you ever fall out of a tree, he’ll be there to catch you. He also has some pretty sweet cars that could lead to a great date driving about the countryside. Best of all, he knows the small sweet spots in town. Just stay on his good side and he will be the best boyfriend.

Midnight Poppy Land is written and illustrated by Lilydusk and releases every Saturday.

Ayden – Soul On Hold

Ignore the fact that he tends to talk to the voice in his head, he’s just trying to help himself. But Ayden loves coffee and has recently learned that he has impressive powers. He does have a bit of an end date, you know since he’s going to die on his birthday. But Valentine’s Day comes first so you can still get the best date in. Maybe some coffee? Maybe a picnic under the stars? Take your pick and Ayden will surely love it.

Soul On Hold is written and illustrated by Austen Marie and releases every Wednesday.

Ayden from Webtoon Soul on Hold


He is a knight. Is there really anything else that matters? Okay, well he also has a motorcycle and is very good looking. Since he’s a knight, he’s very protective and will take care of you if the Keres happen to show up. Let’s also discuss just how great he looks in a tux! Maybe he’ll take you to a ball for Valentine’s Day or to a local tavern to enjoy some drinks and cake. Regardless, being on his arm for Valentine’s Day is better than any gift you could ever get.

EMPYREA is written and illustrated by OhKates and is currently on hiatus but will be releasing on Mondays.

Who is on the top of your list for best Webtoon boyfriends? Let us know on Twitter and in the comments below!

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