Overwatch Animation Tracer

Another day, another Overwatch post, you’re welcome.

This time it’s a little something discovered on Twitter, a very brief animated short starring Tracer and Pharah.  By brief, I mean it’s a total of 10 seconds and we don’t even get a full story out of it.  How could we, it’s 10 seconds.

Highly stylized in manner that reminds me of  Japanese animation, specifically of Madhouse, Cowboy Bebop, and Samurai Champloo.  The Tracer sequences even reminds me a bit of Cheetara from Thundercats.  Madhouse is an animation studio, if you’re into anime you’ve more than likely seen a few of their works.  However, this short was created by a single animator, Bruce Vernon, check out his website and other work here.

It was created as a fan, and as an example of what he can do.  Still, it may only be 10 seconds but it packs a punch and I would love to see it completed.  Even if if is nothing more than a battle between Tracer and Pharah with no other context.  I feel the world deserves to see it.


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