Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the 5th game in the series. It launched in March 2020, which coincided with most countries imposing lockdown laws on their citizens.

During this time, people were looking for various entertainment types such as finding new games, different forms of gambling and reading up on online casino Сanada reviews by our expert Michelle Thomas. Some attribute Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ success to the fact that people were home during the time of its launch.

Animal Crossing has a wholesome feel, and there’s no pressing task or challenge that players need to overcome. It creates an escape from reality. You can choose various activities, from building a flower garden and hanging out with your IRL friends to trying new hairstyles. This article will highlight some of the latest and most exciting features of this gaming series’ latest installment.

Dream Islands

Courtesy of the returning character named Luna, you’re now able to access different islands. If a player publishes their dream address code, they’re willing to have guest players visit their territory.

The code comes in the form of a twelve-digit number. To visit another island, your character needs to find a bed and go to sleep. You’ll be given prompts from Luna. Choose the option that says, “I want to dream” and input the relevant data.

You’ll then awaken in your selected destination’s central plaza, free to explore the treasures it holds. The function of visiting dream islands is only available since July 2020 as a 1.4.0 update feature.

Rewards From Nook Miles

You can earn Nook Miles by completing challenges in the app. You can exchange them for bell vouchers or to increase the size of your Animal Crossing inventory.

Automatic Saving

In previous versions of this series, saving your game was a manual operation. It required you to take a visit to Mr. Sonny Resetti, the mole. If a player forgot to save before they quit a gaming session, the mole would give them an unwanted lecture in an authoritative voice.

New Horizons omits this procedure by automatically saving the progress that you’ve made. Mr. Resetti no longer serves this role. However, he may still be a part of the game as the rescue service operator.

Hemisphere Selection

The game mimics real-time and even seasonal changes. To add to this realism, you’re now able to select your hemisphere preference so that the New Horizon Island climate is similar to your own.

Island DIY

Items found scattered on your island can be used as crafting material. To create objects, you’ll have to follow crafting recipes collected randomly in places such as:

  • Washed up bottles from the beach
  • A gift from Tom Nook for progressing in the game
  • From villagers
  • From balloon presents

Larger Location

The New Leaf variant of this series had a city setting. The most current game set is on an island. According to the map, the New Horizons location is approximately 27% bigger.

Customizing Feature

Customizing objects is much more comfortable in Animal Crossing: New Horizons than in previous versions. Tom Nook gives you a customization workshop once you’ve built the museum and invited three neighbours.

The first item that you craft will be a wardrobe, and then you’re free to alter several articles to your liking using customization kits. You can also select from a wide variety of furniture to decorate your Animal Crossing: New Horizons house.

Terraforming and Moving Buildings

This variant of the series makes landscaping a dream. Regardless of what building or river fills a location, you’re able to customize your island’s layout. 


featured Image: Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash