We at GGA noticed recently that there seems to be a popular trend among some artists to merge their love of all things Geekdom with their love of The Beatles Abbey Road album cover.  That iconic album cover has undergone a fair amount of transformations of all kinds over the years.  Here are 10 of our favorite geeky adaptations.  

1. White Puffy Road 

Why not fill Abbey Road with all of the white puffy characters you can think of?  Oh, you did!  This adaptation features the Pillsbury Doughboy, the Michelin Man, Baymax and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  

          Art by PrimePremne                                                                         

2. The Simpsons 

This might be the coolest Homer has ever been.  It’s pretty cool, and totally appropriate that Bart is ‘Paul’ not wearing shoes.  

Art by Matt Groening.

3. The Droids 

This is one of my personal favorites.  There is no lack of Star Wars themed Abbey Road adaptations.  But this one just nails it.  

                                   We found this image on Imgur.

4. The Hobbits

Turns out Frodo and his hobbit buddies had to cross Abbey Road on their way out of the shire.  Who knew?  There’s also a photograph of the actors who played Frodo, Sam, Mary and Pippin actually crossing Abbey Road.  It makes a nice companion piece, but I’d go full hobbit all day long.

 We found this on Pinterest

5. The Doctors 

It’s always interesting to see which Doctors an artist chooses when forced to pick less than 12.  This artist went with mostly modern Doctors, save a nod to the classics with the 4th Doctor… going 4, 9, 10 and 11 in chronological order.  Seems fair.                                                   Pinterest.

6. Light Saber Road

You may have seen this one, but it can’t be ignored.  This is some of the best spent time with Photoshop in the history of Photoshop.  


7. Mario Abbey Road 

Yes, we want an 8-bit Abbey Road featuring Super Mario characters.  Yes, we do, and here it is.

                                 Art by Bigbadream.

8. Classic Star Trek 

Kirk leads Spock, Bones and Scotty across the street.  Yes, yes, yes and yes.  

               Art by Rabbittooth.

9. The Joker

This is so cool.  Choose your favorite Joker, or don’t.  They’ll most likely destroy each other before they get to the other side anyway.  

                                 Art by RickCelis.

10. Geeky Road 

This one takes the cake.  It’s geek references to end all geek references.  I’ve been looking at it for hours, and I’m pretty sure I still haven’t recognized all of the references within.  If you’re a fan of most anything, there’s probably some of that in this for you.  So cool.  

Art by Aviv Or.

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