As more and more people are staying at home, people are turning to video streaming services that offer a variety of content on demand. Video streaming that includes movies and originals keep customers happy in these severe times. It is an effective measure to face unprecedented and limiting social interactions. This has led to the strong emergence of changed viewership habits of people.

Customers are saying that working from home has allowed them to discover new content across multiple languages. But the most popular movies and TV shows in different styles and geographical areas have certain content blocked in specific geographic regions. For instance, episodes like, for example, US Netflix shows can only be watched by people in the US (with a US IP address). If you use Netflix outside the US, you will be geo-restricted from accessing content on the US site. You can unblock those content by using a Netflix VPN that can make your video streaming devices appear to be in a completely different country to the one you are really in.

1.   Master Of None (2015)

This comedy series sarcastically highlights the challenges faced by an immigrant and shows the glimpses of current aspects of life, including modern etiquettes, being young, and single in the city. The series is definitely for the audiences that actively seek ethnic bonds across the world. The series fantastically hails.

2.   Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Return (1988)

This American show that is popularly known as MST3K is comic science fiction. A person and two robots make fun of sci-fi films. Required by wicked scientists to watch poor “B” movies before he melts down, a host and a couple of robots are debating on the film to keep them alive. The host and robots perform songs during each film that are usually related to the movie in that episode. The series is a must-watch for the adult puppeteering.

3.   Feel Good (2020)

This romantic series on Netflix is a comedy love drama. It shows how two different people start loving each other. The story is set in London where the couple starts dating each other. As the show progresses, it reflects the struggle faced by the two where a character struggles to tell his friends and families about her lover, who was a former drug addict.  The series will give the young audience the ideal feel of a sweet, charming, and an uncomplicated love story. And will provide a sense of love chemistry completely falling for.

4.   Ugly Delicious (2018)

In this travelogue, an award-winning chef sets out on a trip to hot spots all over the globe. He ‘s joined by authors, campaigners, and other chefs who use food as a tool to evade cultural boundaries and resolve misunderstandings. The series challenges both our taste choices and thinking. This travel documentary makes it a binge-worthy for food lovers and fascination to explore cultures around the world. It is recommended as the best food show.

5.   Giri/Haji (2019)

The Netflix thriller Giri / Haji is a drama based in Tokyo and London. A detective of Tokyo is heading to London looking for his missing brother, who had links with the Yakuza. This thrilling performance examines a murder across two countries. A grim, funny, bold attempt at morality, the show will give thrill-lovers a binge-watch obsession. The series received critical acclaim on airing.

6.   Dirty Money (2018)

The dirty money on Netflix is an entertaining documentary show. The Academy Award-winning producer, offering an up-close and intimate portrayal of untold tales of corporate fraud and abuse. Based on a fast-paced quiz show where the only way to win is by stealing your opponents’ income. This factual documentary brought attention to some stories that may have been overlooked by individuals not familiar with the financial industry and its associated misconduct. It should be on everyone’s list to give a thought to protect us from manipulated businesses that care about money more than human beings.

7.   The Confession Killer (2019)

The protagonist accepts hundreds of killings, which required closed cases to be reopened for mourning families. There was no definite proof connecting suspected to the crime; however, by being able to draw images of victims and provide gruesome details of each assault, he persuaded investigators. Finally, though, the validity of his admissions was disputed. This Netflix documentary shows how the most prolific serial killer in America got caught in a defective legal system and definitely to be watchable by thrill lovers.

8.   Crazyhead (2016)

It is a Netflix black comedy series about an unlikely duo of demon hunters. This comedy horror television series starts when the actor discovers that the demon is harbouring her partner. A perfect mix of comedy and horror where Amy and Racquel begin their journey through their early twenties’ in choppy seas and at the same time beating some very gnarly spirits is a must-watch for young adults.

9.   Lenox Hill (2020)

This Netflix series is based on the experiences of four doctors as they experience the highs and lows of operating at New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital. From birth to brain surgery: the show is undoubtedly streamed out by everyone to applaud the courageous doctors’ sacrifices and hard work.

10. One day at a time (2017)

This Netflix series is a remake of a classic sitcom. The show depicts a family that is nurtured by a separated military mother. The story shows how she manages her new life as a single parent and taking care of her two children with the help of her mother and a building manager. This comedy on Netflix is ideal for the family hood and should be watched with the family to keep the laughs high.


Netflix has a wide range of shows to offer and is an excellent method of cheap entertainment during COVID-19. The company has been constantly innovating to keep its content fresh and engaging for its audience as people remain indoors, and it does pay close attention to its modern user’s viewing habits to learn what content is hot in demand. If you want full access to everything Netflix has to offer, unblocking content through a quality vpn will allow you to watch series shows from all over the world. No matter what happens with COVID-19, one thing is certain, Netflix will be here to stay as one of the best stay-at-home entertainment options for people worldwide.