Sports betting is a rage worldwide today. Enthusiasts from around the world pour in their hard-earned cash to get some of the betting action out there. However, the catch here is that according to the information provided by SBOBET, a lot of the countries have banned sports betting of late. It creates enormous problems for the betting enthusiasts to find a reliable place to gamble at.

Let’s now look at the list of countries where sports betting is legal. Please note that the countries haven’t been arranged in any particular order:

  1. Australia: Australia is a country that allows sports betting. The country also doesn’t stop you from betting in multiple different games at the same time. Australia is also open to betting in almost every professional game out there. The only thing it restricts is a slew of advertisements in betting.
  2. Ghana: Ghana is yet another country that allows extensive betting in sports. It does allow gambling and lets you bet in every professional game played in the country.
  3. Mexico: Mexico has its own charm when it comes to betting. A vibrant betting culture and access to betting in all sporting events are just some of the reasons why you should choose this country.
  4. Argentina: Now Argentina is more of a wild goose here since it only allows gambling in horse racing, and not in other established sports. However, Argentina still manages to garner quite a following in this domain and has established massive goodwill in the market.
  5. Nigeria: Nigeria is more of a recent entry in the gambling industry. But don’t let that fool you. It allows gambling in every form of sport practiced in the country and is slowly turning into a massive force in the industry.
  6. Philippines: Unlike Nigeria however, the Philippines has been in the betting world for quite a while. It’s likely the oldest one in this list, with betting being legal since 1977. The main sporting events on which betting occurs in the country are horse racing and lotteries.
  7. South Africa: South Africa allows betting across sports and has been in the business since 1994. It may not be as popular as some of the other options that have been discussed on this list but are definitely worth checking out nonetheless.
  8. United Kingdom: This country is arguably one of the best-known names in the betting industry, and witnesses footfall in thousands every year. It allows betting in all kinds of sports practiced in the country and is worth checking out.
  9. India: This one may be tricky since whether you’re allowed to bet or not depends a lot on the state that you’re in. So it’s advisable to consult a professional in the state before you start betting.
  10. New Zealand: Unlike the others on this list, this one is mainly for cricket enthusiasts. The betting domain is on the smaller side but is worth having a go at.

Some final thoughts

This article will help you underpin the countries for your next betting trip. Make sure first to read all the laws pertaining to the betting laws in the host country. But if you want to try your luck in gambling, visit SCR888 and enjoy the smooth gaming experience.

So, what’re you waiting for? Pack your bags and set off into a land where betting is legal.



About the author: Jack Gallaher is the founder of Play Pulse, a place where players from all over the world can find the best online casinos Internet can offer. He enjoys creating game guides and sharing his strategies with the community and friends. Prior to founding Play Pulse Jack worked as a community manager on a famous gambling portal.