Here at GGA, we are all about singing the praises of our favorite female characters. We love a strong, intelligent, brave, generous and compassionate women. To celebrate these amazing ladies, I have put together a list of 10 badass ladies who lead Webtoon comics. These ladies are the hearts and soul of their stories and make reading the Webtoons week to week a true joy. From ladies with supernatural powers to ladies who work in the science fields, we love them all. Check out the list below and let us know what leading lady you love!

DISCLAIMER: The following post may contain spoilers for multiple Webtoons. If you aren’t up to date on a certain comic, I suggest going and reading it first and coming back.

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Aro – The Witch and the Bull

Let’s kick this list off with one of my favorite female characters on Webtoons, Aro from The Witch and the Bull. Due to the war between the humans and witches, Aro has been painted in a pretty bad light to those around her. Because of this, she keeps her identity as the Celestial witch a secret from everyone, including her close friends. But when things go awry and she realizes that the bull about to be killed is actually a human named Tan, she risks her life to save him. She is kind of good-natured and willing to do anything in her power to undo the hex placed on Tan. But she isn’t a pushover either. Aro is smart, extremely skilled with a bow and arrow, generous and willing to help everyone she comes across.

The Witch and the Bull updates every Thursday and can be read here.

Aro preparing to fire off her celestial bow.

Maggie – Soul on Hold

Sometimes you have to roll with the punches and sometimes, you throw punches back. From the Webtoon series Soul on Hold, Maggie isn’t one to just sit and let her opponent give her a beating. Even if she has no idea who that opponent is. Maggie is much more than a cute barista. She has a demonic force living inside her that will collect her soul when she turns 30! Maggie isn’t letting this ticking time bomb get in the way of finding out exactly how to stop these events from happening. She is willing to go to the ends of the world to find the answers on who is pulling strings to save not only herself but also Ayden. She even found a way to tap into her powers to kick some major tush.

Soul on Hold is currently on an indefinite hiatus, but the two seasons can be read here.

Maggie getting ready to share her theory about Ayden's scare with him.

Eylin – Stray Souls

Eylin from Stray Souls may not be particularly good at string weaving, but that doesn’t make her weak in this fantasy world. She has a special type of soul structure that makes her resistant to magical manipulation. Eylin can’t remember any of her life before arriving at House Navreal, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to find a way to escape. On the outside, she learns that she is the only one who can stand against the evil Amethyst King and save the world as we know it. It’s a good thing Elyin is a strong-willed individual willing to lay her life on the line to meet her goal. Even with all of this weighing on her shoulders, she is an open person and willing to look for the good in people even if the rest of the world refuses to see it.

Stray Souls updates every Sunday and can be read here.

Eylin getting ready to escape House Navreal.

Kira – Empyrea

Empyrea‘s Kira may be a Princess, but she is far more than her title. In this steampunk-inspired fantasy world, she is a wicked smart inventor who loves to take things apart and piece them back together. Rather than simply replace things when they get old, she finds a new purpose for them. She is also able to see the Keres who have begun attacking people again. Kira may be stubborn and make life a bit stressful for her brother and Hawk, but she isn’t going to sit back and let her loved ones suffer horrifying deaths at the hands of the Keres. She is even willing to protect the people who look down upon her for who she is as a person. Kira is ready to face off against everyone, even if that means going against what is expected of her as a princess.

Empyrea updates every Monday and can be read here.

Kira talking about her broken bike.

Max Love – KILLMAX

KILLMAX‘s Max Love was born to a powerful line of witches though she was taught to fear her powers from a young age. Into her young adulthood, she allowed herself to be bullied and yelled at for fear her powers would overcome her if she fought back. In a moment of weakness, she makes a wish that awakens her witch powers and her life takes off. But that draws in other witches who only want to still her powers. Another witch hiding in plain sight uses Max to draw in power, attempting to take it from her. Max isn’t about to let these people get in the way of her happiness and life. She welcomes her powers, learns to control them and kicks major ass in a sweet pair of heels.

KILLMAX updates every Friday and can be read here.

Max looking down at a shadow figue.

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Anya – In the Bleak Midwinter;

Anya has been through quite a lot in life and it only seems to have gotten worse when she awakes 25 years after her six-month cryo sleep in the Webtoon In the Bleak Midwinter;. The world has been plunged into an apocalypse, her soulmate is trying to kill her and she is still trying to process her sister’s death. But that doesn’t stop her from trying to do her part in this fight. She uses her skills as a nurse to help out in the medical ward while she is at the base. Anya understands how important she is to helping negotiate for her friends and brother’s safety and isn’t afraid to travel out in the field and try to find a solution to bring an end to the war.

In the Bleak Midwinter; is currently on hiatus but normally updates on Wednesday and can be read here.

Anya telling a young boy she will stay with him for his treatment.

Lauren Sinclair – Purple Hyacinth

She’s sarcasm, she’s strong, but our girl ain’t got no grace. Purple Hyacinth‘s Lauren Sinclair is the definition of badass. Her skill to detect lies has made her an outstanding officer, even if she sometimes lets her emotions get out of hand. She is a determined individual and willing to break the rules (and work with the enemy) to save her city, friends and loved ones. Lauren takes each case extremely seriously, though she does allow herself a bit of downtime for fun. She is brilliant and can find even the faintest of links between clues. She is a killer investigator and knows her way through a fight. Lauren is tough as nails and ready to throw down if you even think about making a move against her.

Purple Hyacinth updates every Tuesday and can be read here.

Lauren Sinclair in pursuit of a criminal.

Persephone – Lore Olympus

Persephone is one of my favorite goddesses and Lore Olympus has brought her to life in a way I never expected. This modern take on her character allows us to watch her grow from an innocent young adult to the inevitable Queen of the Underworld. Persephone is such a diverse character with complex levels of emotion. She is that friendly, outgoing girl with love for nature, but she also has a darker side to her which gives her the capability of expressing her less bubbly personality traits. But those traits don’t make her a bad character; they make her relatable. Readers can understand her process with grief and show us that even though you may stumble, you can always come out stronger on the other side.

Lore Olympus updates every Sunday and can be read here.

Persephone getting sniffed by one of Hades' dogs.

Ellie – Third Shift Society

Sometimes when life gets you down, you just gotta look for that silver lining or the pumpkin-headed man falling from the sky. Ellie from Third Shift Society is a great example of hitting rock bottom and only looking up. At the beginning of the series, she lost her job and is told that she is on the verge of being evicted from her home. But that doesn’t stop her from trying to piece her life back together. When given a chance to fight alongside Ichabod against a world of supernatural beings, she doesn’t think twice. Ellie is brave and compassionate and ready to do whatever it takes to protect the world from supernatural horrors. She is also pretty skilled in hand-to-hand combat and has since learned that she has powers of her own to help out in a fight. Ellie is clearly someone you want on your side.

Third Shift Society is currently on hiatus but can be read here.

Ellie using her powers in a fight against a demon dog.

Hayan – Unholy Blood

All Hayan from the Webtoon Unholy Blood wants to do is protect her found family, so she hides away who she truly is – a vampire. But when it appears she isn’t going to be able to sit back and ignore what is happening around her any longer, she goes into full fight mode. She has super speed, strength and can take more than a few punches in a fight. But that isn’t what makes Hayan a badass. She is compassionate and always looking to solve her problems without raising a fist. Working alongside Euntae, a rising star at the local police force, she finds a way to help those who are being manipulated by the vampires who are giving her race a bad name.

Unholy Blood updates every Monday and Thursday and can be read here.

Hayan preparing to attack a room full of vampires.


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This article was originally published on 3/7/21.

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