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Actor Cory Michael Smith gave an interview to CBR talking about his character, Edward Nygma,on Fox’s hit series, Gotham.

He discussed with CBR a lot about his character, who goes on to become The Riddler in the Batman mythology, who is now going through a bit of a Jekyll/Hyde complex, dealing with the shattering of his psyche in the wake of him murdering a man in cold blood to save, Kristen, the woman he loves.


But very interesting in the interview was that he talked about the show’s new direction and structure. Last season, the show was a bit more procedural, focused more on solving the whodunit than the villain, though there was also a monster-of-the-week element to the show as well. However, this upcoming season seems to be taking a bit of a different direction.

As Smith says, “Last year, there was always someone causing trouble. What we’ve done this year is, instead of this procedural format where we have someone come in, create a conflict and all these characters are responding to it, the conflict is coming from these villains.”

Smith went on to say, “We’ll get to understand why they are doing it, and how this small act is connected to another act, which is connected to someone else. We’re building this delicious web of conflict, which is the greatest difference between last season and this season. We’re in a tighter world. All of these characters are truly vicious. They make the Penguin look like a chump, sometimes.”


It sounds more like they are doing a more straightforward, serialized drama, more akin to a show like Mad Men or Game of Thrones, where the focus is on keeping up with the individual stories of a select few characters in each episode. This more comprehensive approach allows the writers to create a more epic story with lots more moving parts, fitting lots more story into the same amount of time. In a way, they’ve stopped focusing on the limitations of a one-hour time slot and looked to the entire season instead, opened themselves up to a bigger story.

Though it’s just a small change, putting our focus on a few individuals each week instead of on a central story, it could completely change the tone of the show and the direction it takes, finally making Fox’s hit series, Gotham, every bit as epic as it deserves to be.

After all, this is Batman.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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